The Most Popular Facebook Homeschool Groups - Ranked & Searchable (Over 700)

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Homeschooling Groups on Facebook

There are a LOT of Facebook groups for homeschoolers. In the beginning, lots of homeschoolers used Yahoo! Groups, but over the past few years, Facebook groups have emerged as the clear winner and dominant platform.

Because Facebook knows everything about you, they actually make it difficult to discover new groups by filtering search results to match your location, preferences, likes, and so on.

We gathered data from every visible Facebook group and combined it into a sortable and searchable table. Groups that are not explicitly about homeschool, homeschooling, or home education were not included. For instance, "Homeschoolers against Common Core" would be included, but "Anti-Common Core Moms" will not be included. No private or personal information is included on this list.

If your group is not featured on this list and you want it added, just leave a comment or contact us.

Just how many Facebook groups did we find?

A lot. Over 700 and counting. Before embedding the full list, here is a quick top 10.

The Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Groups for Homeschoolers

These are the best Facebook groups for homeschoolers by popular opinion (member count)!

Rank Facebook Group Number of Members
#1 Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace 49244
#2 Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool 44108
#3 Classical Conversations *official* 31258
#4 Worldschoolers 24491
#5 Christian Homeschooling with Netflix Amazon YouTube Roku and MORE! 23022
#6 Crossing Over to Homeschooling 22464
#7 Our Kids Home Education Educate My World...We Are Strong From Home 21893
#8 Homeschool Curriculum Exchange/ Yard Sale 21368
#9 Homeschooler Market- Buy Sell & Trade 19336
#10 Montessori Homeschooling 19191

As you can see, the top 10 list already has a lot of variety. Several buy/sell/trade groups, multiple homeschooling styles, beginners groups, and more.

The Ultimate List of Searchable Homeschool Groups

The groups that we gathered included:

  • Groups that speak (type) English (U.S.)
  • Both religious and secular
  • Open groups
  • Closed groups
  • Buy/Sell groups
  • Local groups (Connect with homeschoolers near you)

None of our lists include:

  • Privately hidden groups

Although we could have done some digging and networking, we wanted to respect the privacy of groups that want to be completely visible.

Make sure to use the search box to find homeschool groups for your state or homeschool style!

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Group NameGroup LinkMembers
Homeschool Curriculum MarketplaceView Group49244
Easy Peasy All-in-One HomeschoolView Group44108
Classical Conversations *official*View Group31258
WorldschoolersView Group24491
Christian Homeschooling with Netflix Amazon You Tube Roku and MORE!View Group23022
Crossing Over to HomeschoolingView Group22464
Our Kids Home Education Educate My World...We Are Strong From HomeView Group21893
Homeschool Curriculum Exchange/ Yard SaleView Group21368
Homeschooler Market- Buy Sell & TradeView Group19336
Montessori HomeschoolingView Group19191
Christian Homeschool FamiliesView Group18641
Home Education UKView Group18528
Hip Homeschool Moms CommunityView Group19986
Affording the Homeschool LifeView Group16659
A Beka (Abeka) Used Homeschool Items Buy/Sell/ShareView Group16187
Easy Peasy Homeschool - General Chat GroupView Group15804
Abeka HomeschoolersView Group14499
Homeschool Buy Sell TradeView Group14450
Extra resources to supplement with Easy PeasyView Group14024
Secular Eclectic Academic (SEA) HomeschoolersView Group13746
Charlotte Mason HomeschoolersView Group13401
Homeschool Curriculum Free for ShippingView Group13359
Homeschooling Around the WorldView Group12786
Home Schooling UKView Group12587
Secular Homeschooling with Netflix & Other MediaView Group12332
Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd)View Group11385
Secular Homeschool FamiliesView Group10418
Frugal Homeschooling MomsView Group9959
Special Needs HomeschoolingView Group9763
Homeschool Giveaways & FreebiesView Group9578
Homeschooling Unschooling Uncollege Opt Out DIY Online LearningView Group9210
It's Not That Hard to Homeschool High SchoolView Group8752
Homeschooling Mom's HangoutView Group8530
Secular Homeschool Families- Closed GroupView Group8517
Homeschooling FreethinkersView Group8437
Homeschooling Waldorf Support GroupView Group8275
Sonlight Homeschool MomsView Group7977
Home Schooling AustraliaView Group7497
AmblesideOnlineView Group7495
Secular Homeschool CurriculumView Group7206
Home Education/Schooling WORLDWIDEView Group7190
Texans for Homeschool FreedomView Group7145
Homeschooling in South AfricaView Group7092
Christian Homeschooling MomsView Group7048
Homeschoolers of the PhilippinesView Group7007
The Educating Parents Homeschooling and UnschoolingView Group6969
UK Home Education groupView Group6922
High School Level: Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool Chat GroupView Group6835
Homeschooling in VirginiaView Group6817
Used Homeschool Books Buy Sell TradeView Group6733
African American Home School NetworkView Group6336
Homeschool Buy Sell Swap - AustraliaView Group6299
Abeka Homeschool Moms Chat GroupView Group6276
India Group for Homeschoolers & Alternative EducationView Group6089
Homeschool Swap: CanadaView Group6081
Christian Homeschool Reviews & PromotionsView Group5759
A Beka (Abeka) Academy Homeschool ParentsView Group5487
BJU Used Bob Jones Press Homeschool ItemsView Group5467
Ohio Homeschooling ParentsView Group5421
A1 and A2's Home SchoolView Group5184
SE Homeschool FieldtripsView Group5146
Real Life Homeschool SpacesView Group5091
Twinkl Home EducatorsView Group5076
Schoolin' SwagView Group5062
Nature-Inspired Learning GroupView Group5057
SDA Homeschool MomsView Group4787
CC Challenge FamiliesView Group4730
Homeschooling Misfits: Where Fluffy Unicorn School HappensView Group4632
Texas Homeschool SupportView Group4567
Home Missions SchoolView Group4549
The Relaxed Homeschool Community PageView Group4447
Home Education and your Local Authority: Help with dealing with officialdomView Group4403
Study Pack by Sayeda Sanaa - OfficialView Group4315
Brave Writer BraveSchoolersView Group4102
World School House Swap / SitView Group4088
Fun-Schooling with Thinking Tree BooksView Group3927
IAHE Indiana Homeschool Discussion GroupView Group3922
Charlotte Mason Inspired homeschoolersView Group3892
Math-U-See Homeschoolers (and Other DEMME Products)View Group3811
The Montessori MagpieView Group3719
Homeschool Exchange South Africa (New and 2nd hand educational material)View Group3696
Homeschooling Dyslexic KidsView Group3681
SchoolhouseTeachers.comView Group3656
Louisiana Homeschool SupportView Group3648
My Father's World - KindergartenView Group3586
Tampa Bay Homeschool FamiliesView Group3581
Home Education UK FB ForumView Group3562
Homeschool Western CapeView Group3523
Christian Light Education FamiliesView Group3502
Home Education as First Choice EducationView Group3460
Home Educating our Special Needs childrenView Group3457
Homeschool Curriculum Sale or TradeView Group3383
Charlotte Mason Nature JournalingView Group3381
Frederick Douglass High School Alumni Association - Home of the AstrosView Group3359
The BooktiqueView Group3315
Homeschooling in Hampton RoadsView Group3298
Full Circles EducationView Group3290
Homeschool AustraliaView Group3282
Michigan Homeschool SupportView Group3250
IHEN's IndianaHomeschoolersView Group3243
N.C. HomeschoolingView Group3239
HOUSE OF CHERNY SCHOOL OF FASHION (Sewing made Easy!!!)View Group3207
Brave Writer Lifestyle Group- for HomeschoolersView Group3181
Gameschool Community | My Little PoppiesView Group3154
San Antonio HomeschoolersView Group3121
Special Needs HomeschoolView Group3094
Texas Christian Homeschool Prom (The Official Facebook Page)View Group3080
SEA Homeschoolers CHATView Group3075
Missouri HomeschoolersView Group3066
Pagan HomeschoolingView Group3064
HSC Homeschool Association of California Discussion GroupView Group3024
Learning Begins In WonderView Group2989
Home educating special needs & disabilities (UK)View Group2974
Homeschooling in Southern CaliforniaView Group2910
BRATS All Area Schools Reunion Home PageView Group2908
LDS Homeschool ConnectionsView Group2873
Homeschooling OCView Group2806
Mater Amabilis Catholic Homeschool CurriculumView Group2787
DIY homeschoolers-unschoolersView Group2781
Virginia HomeschoolingView Group2762
Maryland HomeschoolersView Group2719
Simply Charlotte Mason HomeschoolingView Group2700
Homeschooling the Early Years PHView Group2688
California Homeschool NetworkView Group2661
Connecticut Homeschool NetworkView Group2643
Home education in NZView Group2558
Austin Area Homeschoolers (TX)View Group2544
Christian Canadian HomeschoolersView Group2530
Homeschooling with non electronic gamesView Group2518
Unschool AustraliaView Group2467
Abeka K4 & K5 Kindergarten HomeschoolView Group2457
VayaPapaya A Children's Bookstore/ Games/HomeschoolView Group2413
BC Home Learners: homeschoolers DLers unschoolersView Group2390
Ontario HomeschoolersView Group2353
Colorado Homeschool SupportView Group2279
HS Moms Getting OrganizedView Group2226
UK Home Educating Under 5sView Group2208
African American Homeschool MomsView Group2202
South Alabama HomeschoolingView Group2193
Spokane Area Homeschool CommunityView Group2187
Eastern Orthodox HomeschoolersView Group2165
Homeschooling and Unschooling FrugallyView Group2160
Worldwide - Latter-day Learning CommunityView Group2155
Rock Your Homeschool!View Group2084
AFHE Homeschool ArizonaView Group2042
Knoxville HomeschoolersView Group2032
A Modern Charlotte MasonView Group2027
Alberta Home Education AssociationView Group1987
Treasure Valley Homeschool Moms (and Dads)View Group1972
Christian Homeschool Curriculum DISCUSSION GROUPView Group1970
HS Moms Getting Healthy!View Group1948
CT Homeschoolers InclusiveView Group1925
Homeschool ScopesView Group1919
Arizona Christian HomeschoolersView Group1889
Homeschooling PerthView Group1887
Jeremiah 17:8 Home School Online CooperativeView Group1865
New Zealand Homeschool Curriculum Sell/Trade/SwapView Group1837
Memphis Area Homeschool BuzzView Group1834
Home Education Australia CommunityView Group1829
IAHE ACTION Discussion GroupView Group1827
Massachusetts Homeschoolers ConnectionView Group1814
Singapore Homeschool Curricula Share & SwapView Group1812
Hudson Valley HomeschoolersView Group1757
Iowa Homeschool FamiliesView Group1740
Utah Valley HomeschoolersView Group1719
MFH - Mid-Florida HomeschoolersView Group1699
HomeSchool WAView Group1689
Homeschooling and Down SyndromeView Group1689
Utah LDS HomeschoolersView Group1680
North Carolina Homeschool SupportView Group1676
Single Parent Home Education UKView Group1658
New England Happy HomeschoolersView Group1656
Homeschooling Parents of Children with Asperger's SyndromeView Group1641
Catholic Relaxed HomeschoolersView Group1637
PH Homeschool MarketplaceView Group1633
Business Owners who HomeschoolView Group1627
Home Education Support ScotlandView Group1618
OutschoolingView Group1615
Homeschooling PoppiesView Group1611
HEWoW! - Home Education: What's On When / Where - Surrey & LondonView Group1593
Angie's Bookcases - Homeschool Books & MoreView Group1592
Minimalist HomeschoolingView Group1588
Homeschoolers of PortlandView Group1586
Wisconsin Homeschool SupportView Group1566
Homeschoolers Around Wake CountyView Group1549
SOS (Switched On Schoolhouse)/Monarch Homeschool MomsView Group1546
Edmonton HomeschoolersView Group1539
Rod and Staff/Pathway FS/WTB/TView Group1537
Blogging HomeschoolersView Group1533
Australian Homeschool Group DiscountsView Group1533
HEarts&minds (Kent home education group)View Group1531
Greater Vancouver Home Learners: homeschoolers DLers unschoolersView Group1525
Acellus Homeschooling ParentsView Group1508
Sonlight Homeschool Moms Swap & ShopView Group1507
Successful Home Schooling in South AfricaView Group1507
Minnesota Christian HomeschoolersView Group1505
Memoria Press Homeschool FamiliesView Group1484
The Homeschool Hookup (Kansas)View Group1445
Brookdale Homeschool Helps Sales and FreebiesView Group1438
Homeschool Events Springfield AreaView Group1395
Homeschoolers in NW Ohio and SE MichiganView Group1388
NC Homeschool AdventuresView Group1370
San Diego HomeschoolersView Group1344
PDA Home Education (pathological demand avoidance)View Group1327
San Diego Homeschool Field Trips and EventsView Group1322
BJU Press Parent/Teacher Support GroupView Group1319
Homeschoolers of Greater Rochester NYView Group1306
Omaha Area Homeschoolers - NO BUY/SELL/TRADE CURRICULUM ALLOWEDView Group1306
Timberdoodle HomeschoolersView Group1293
Homeschooling with BooksharkView Group1293
SETX Homeschool HelpView Group1278
Homeschool Friends of North TexasView Group1259
NE Ohio HomeschoolView Group1258
Oahu Homeschool ClassifiedsView Group1257
Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO)View Group1254
Shelby County ALABAMA HomeschoolersView Group1247
BJU Press Distance LearningView Group1237
Rome to the Reformation - MFWView Group1233
LHN - Lubbock Homeschool NetworkView Group1228
Home Education HertfordshireView Group1217
Texas Hill Country HomeschoolersView Group1202
SunnyHomeschool/Unschool Support HubView Group1198
Homeschool Blogger NetworkView Group1192
Jackson HomeschoolersView Group1186
Homeschool Without Cover AlabamaView Group1185
Clark County Homeschool MomsView Group1182
The Unsocialized Homeschoolers of West VirginiaView Group1179
Home Education West YorkshireView Group1178
Capital District NY HomeschoolersView Group1173
Home Education - The Teenage Years UKView Group1173
NWFL HomeschoolersView Group1163
Albuquerque Homeschool Resource ListView Group1148
African American Homeschool STE(A)M ClubView Group1147
Southeast Michigan Homeschoolers 2View Group1146
Seattle HomeschoolersView Group1137
Homeschooling in Palm Beach CountyView Group1129
Homeschooling IdahoView Group1126
MODG MomsView Group1122
SEA Homeschoolers Gifted and Twice-ExceptionalView Group1118
Pennsylvania Homeschool SupportView Group1115
Davis County HomeschoolersView Group1114
Homeschooling in SavannahView Group1110
Homeschooling Vermont Chat GroupView Group1092
Ottawa (Ontario) Homeschool ActivitiesView Group1091
Techin' Your HomeschoolView Group1091
Amy's BookshelfView Group1089
Bakersfield Homeschooling NetworkView Group1087
Courageous HomeschoolingView Group1086
Middle Tennessee Home Education Association (MTHEA)View Group1081
Carole Joy Seid HomeschoolersView Group1075
Wichita HomeschoolView Group1074
Tennessee Homeschool SupportView Group1063
Home Education Greater ManchesterView Group1058
Tot School and Preschool at HomeView Group1055
THEREFORE Used Books for Home & School (and School at Home!)View Group1048
Rod and Staff HomeschoolersView Group1042
Cox Ohio Homeschool Portfolio AssessmentsView Group1042
Home education BirminghamView Group1038
Malaysian Homeschool TribeView Group1035
Homeschool 101View Group1023
Homeschool Community (NW Twin Cities)View Group1021
Victorian Homeschoolers And UnschoolersView Group1007
(HEAD ON) Home Education Activities in Derbyshire or NottinghamshireView Group1002
Homeschoolers Central Alberta!View Group999
McCoy Elementary School Home of the Indians P.T.A.View Group975
Eastern Panhandle HomeschoolersView Group972
San Jose HomeschoolView Group969
Kaufman County (and surrounding areas) HomeschoolersView Group969
Homeschool Swap ShopView Group964
The Happy Homeschooling Group of Sarasota & Manatee counties in FLView Group954
Fresno Area HomeschoolersView Group950
Volusia County HomeschoolersView Group948
Home Education HampshireView Group945
Salem Inclusive HomeschoolersView Group943
School House Antique Mall Vendor PageView Group936
Homeschool Family Freebies & GiveawaysView Group928
LCMS HomeschoolersView Group923
Maine Homeschool Field TripsView Group919
Homeschooling with CLE/R&SView Group906
Home education NorfolkView Group893
SEA PreschoolView Group893
Fountainhill Creative Home Education WalesView Group891
Tri-Cities WA HomeschoolersView Group883
ACE Homeschool MomsView Group878
Asheville Unschoolers & HomeschoolersView Group876
SWMOHEView Group872
Home Education DevonView Group868
Homeschoolers of Pinellas (HOP)View Group866
Homeschooling in Frederick County MarylandView Group863
The Network (Homeschooling in Perth & WA)View Group858
Brighton and Hove Home EducationView Group851
Crescent Jr High School's Home PageView Group849
BA HomeschoolersView Group847
Christian UnschoolingView Group842
Cincinnati HomeschoolView Group834
Irish Home EducationView Group834
Homeschooling Families of SeacoastView Group829
Calvert Homeschool FamiliesView Group825
Enfield Erdenheim Home and School Partnership (EEHSP)View Group821
Home education SurreyView Group816
Home Education Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County.View Group814
Homeschool Around Dayton OhioView Group805
Memoria Press Buy/Sell/Swap Review & DiscussView Group797
Adelaide & South Australia HomeschoolersView Group792
Springfield Literacy Center Home & School AssociationView Group787
WISDOM Home SchoolingView Group783
The K Junction - Parenting Early Learning Montessori Music HealingView Group781
Home Education CheshireView Group775
Edmonton & Area Home School Garage SaleView Group773
EMHE East Midlands Home EducationView Group768
Symposium At Parnassus Homeschool CommunityView Group764
Homeschooling Katherine Oxford UKView Group763
South Jersey HomeschoolersView Group758
Homeschoolers & Unschoolers of London OntarioView Group755
Homeschool Community of S Tarrant and Johnson CountiesView Group750
HSCS HOMESCHOOLING CHARLESTON STYLE (How we homeschool in the Lowcountry)View Group747
Homeschooling on the Olympic PeninsulaView Group739
Calgary Homeschooling MomsView Group737
Joplin area homeschoolersView Group737
Teach Them Diligently Northwest ArkansasView Group736
Spring Hill Homeschoolers (SHAPE)View Group732
Houston Secular HomeschoolersView Group728
Sevier County Homeschoolers of TennesseeView Group725
SHEN - Sydney and NSW Home Education NetworkView Group725
Regent House School Rugby ClubView Group714
Bristol Home Education (BHE)View Group706
Sarasota-Manatee VillageLearnersView Group704
Hampton Roads Preteen / Teen Homeschool GroupView Group699
Inspire Charter Schools North Parent GroupView Group699
The Natural Homeschool CommunityView Group688
MobyMax HomeschoolingView Group687
Essential Oil Education - Healing in our HomesView Group686
Houma HomeschoolersView Group682
Home Education Leicester & LeicestershireView Group676
Homeschooling the ADHD Child Support GroupView Group675
Home Educating Parents With A Disablity or an IllnessView Group675
HOME (Homeschooling in the Omaha Metro for Everyone)View Group674
Home education SuffolkView Group673
Home education EssexView Group673
Homeschooling With Oak Meadow CurriculumView Group670
Home educating debatersView Group669
OC Homeschool MamasView Group668
Social Homeschooling in Las Vegas and HendersonView Group668
Christian Moms of Large Families that HomeschoolView Group667
The Un/Homeschool Club of the Barrie Orillia and Surrounding AreasView Group662
Home Education LancashireView Group653
Michiana Area HomeschoolersView Group651
Wichita Falls Area HomeschoolingView Group646
F.A.I.T.H. HomeschoolView Group646
Linn & Benton County Homeschoolers UniteView Group645
Denton County HomeschoolersView Group644
Evansville Area HomeschoolersView Group644
Home education BedfordshireView Group640
SEA Homeschoolers High School & Middle SchoolView Group633
Missoula Homeschool Idea ExchangeView Group632
Homeschoolers of Whatcom CountyView Group632
FREE HOMESCHOOLING 101: Coffee Chat PortalView Group630
Homeschooling PreschoolersView Group624
SoCal Homeschool AdventuresView Group623
Dulles Area HomeschoolersView Group622
HBLN Home Education WA Chat GroupView Group621
Northern Nevada Home Schools Inc.View Group621
Wiregrass Homeschool Things To DoView Group619
Home education LiverpoolView Group618
Greater Yakima Valley HomeschoolersView Group616
ET Richardson Middle School Home and School AssociationView Group613
Essex home educators home schooling.View Group600
An Educated Life In the City of Brotherly LoveView Group600
Isle of Wight Home EducationView Group598
Meetups for Homeschoolers in the Ann Arbor AreaView Group597
Sumner County HomeschoolersView Group597
Sherwood Park and Area HomeschoolersView Group597
Greater Peoria HomeschoolersView Group595
Parker-Wise County Homeschool GroupView Group595
Comox Valley HomeschoolersView Group590
Sioux Falls SD Regional Homeschool FamiliesView Group587
Central PA Home Educators Social MeetupsView Group582
FLIGHT - Families of Long Island Getting Homeschoolers TogetherView Group581
Homeschooling in Brevard FLView Group580
Home Economics and Food Education ScotlandView Group579
Homeschooling in Northern MichiganView Group578
Hays County HomeschoolersView Group576
Hickory Area HomeschoolersView Group575
Forsyth County Area HomeschoolersView Group574
Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers AssociationView Group573
FLVS Homeschooling ParentsView Group570
Home Educating CampersView Group570
Homeschoolers IrelandView Group569
Cache Valley HomeschoolersView Group563
Redding Area Homeschool SupportView Group563
Singapore HomeschoolView Group560
AS Homeschooling NZ (ASD Home School Support)View Group559
Home Education WarwickshireView Group559
Augusta Homeschool GroupView Group559
Tri-Cities TN Homeschool Playdate GroupView Group550
OT LDS HomeschoolView Group547
Homeschool Families in Carroll County MDView Group542
Northland Core - Duluth/Superior and Surrounding Areas HomeschoolView Group538
Village Homeschoolers (Milford)View Group536
Home education WiltshireView Group535
El Paso Liberty Homeschool Yard SaleView Group534
Eastbourne Home EducationView Group534
Online Auction for Bonnie's School HouseView Group529
(HEDD) Home Education Derby and DerbyshireView Group528
Tri-Valley Explorers Homeschool Support (TVE)View Group516
Pocono HomeschoolersView Group512
Acellus for HomeschoolingView Group512
Griffin Academy Homeschool CoopView Group511
RPM Homeschooling Parents' GroupView Group511
HOME EDUCATION West SussexView Group506
Homeschool Community Connection (Lorain County)View Group499
Grants Pass HomeschoolersView Group498
GV Curriculum/Homeschool CornerView Group497
Yorkshire Area Home Education Open GroupView Group496
Home Schooling in Franklin County!View Group491
Moreton Bay Region Homeschooling ConnectionsView Group486
Cullman HomeschoolersView Group482
NW Calgary Homeschooling FamiliesView Group481
Christian Homeschooling HomesteadersView Group477
Scenic Hills Home & School AssociationView Group474
NOAH (North Okaloosa Assn. of Homeschoolers)View Group474
Home educating our 4-7 year oldsView Group474
Sabold Home & SchoolView Group470
Gainesville Area HomeschoolersView Group468
Adventures in LibrarylandView Group468
Deseret Homeschoolers of Southeast TexasView Group467
BHEA (Blount Home Education Association)View Group465
Home education ReadingView Group465
Home Educating an Only Child in the UKView Group460
Differently Schooled who use Moving Beyond the PageView Group460
Homeschool PARENTS of Highschoolers Perth WA AustraliaView Group460
Bath Home EducationView Group453
Fort Wayne Area Home SchoolsView Group452
Home Education chatternatter - Sheffield et environsView Group452
Taunton Home EducationView Group450
Canterbury Home EducationView Group450
Home Education CambridgeshireView Group450
Waldorf/Steiner Homeschooling Initiative in the PhilippinesView Group447
Homeschoolers of Older Children OahuView Group445
Homeschool Iowa Discussion GroupView Group444
East Alabama Homeschool CommunityView Group443
Antelope Valley Christian HomeschoolingView Group443
Homeschool Moms of the Lehigh ValleyView Group441
Sunshine HomeschoolersView Group438
CovFund Home Ed groupView Group438
Edmond HomeschoolersView Group437
North Side Homeschoolers - CharlotteView Group434
Kosciusko Area Home SchoolsView Group430
Christian Educating at Home in NZView Group429
PEAK TupeloView Group426
Home Education in Northern Ireland - HEdNIView Group426
Ohio Homeschooling for College CreditView Group426
Great Falls MT HomeschoolersView Group425
Hendersonville NC Area Homeschooling FamiliesView Group420
Niagara Area Homeschool Group (NAHG)View Group417
UK gifted home educatorsView Group416
Home Education Fareham and GosportView Group415
Homeschool Club of Central FloridaView Group410
South Bay Homeschool NetworkView Group409
Medford Lakes Home and School AssociationView Group407
South West Brisbane HomeschoolersView Group407
Home Education - MusicView Group404
Home education West BerkshireView Group403
Home Educating Beds Bucks Northants and CambsView Group402
REACH Homeschool Group 2016-2017View Group402
South West Western Australia Home Schooling NetworkView Group402
Northeast Houston Area HomeschoolersView Group400
Bournemouth Poole and Surrounding Area Home EducatorsView Group397
SCHOOL--Suffolk County Homeschooling Out of LoveView Group396
Fusion Homeschoolers- Hope Mills NCView Group393
Brighton Area Homeschool Kids ClubView Group390
HE-MKView Group389
Home Education Waltham ForestView Group385
Cambridge Ontario HomeschoolersView Group383
Homeschooling Minimally Verbal ChildrenView Group382
El Paso Liberty Home School NetworkView Group381
Homeschooling Heroes: NOLAView Group379
Sussex Elementary Home & SchoolView Group378
Drawbridge Fun Club For HomeschoolersView Group378
**Pittsburgh Homeschoolers**View Group377
Homeschool Moms with ADD/ADHDView Group375
Tallahassee Homeschool Area HubView Group375
Christian Homeschoolers Spring/Tomball/CypressView Group373
Dublin Area Home EducationView Group372
Ohio Valley Home-Schooling Families (Wheeling WV)View Group369
Forever Home Pet rat rescue????and care education??View Group367
Essex County NJ HomeschoolersView Group364
DFW Homeschool Cafe (Network & Meetup)View Group357
UAE HomeSchoolers - In the SHADE & BeyondView Group357
Homeschool Hookup (Clay- Platte)View Group353
Ronald Reagan Elementary - Home and School AssocView Group351
Muncie HomeschoolersView Group349
Knox-Loudon-Roane HomeschoolersView Group348
Weber County HomeschoolersView Group346
Homeschooling Connections of Erie PAView Group344
Homeschoolers Unlimited Texas H.U.T.View Group337
Treasure Coast Homeschooling AdventuresView Group334
Lancaster County PA Homeschool FamiliesView Group334
York District Home Education GroupView Group333
West Valley Homeschool Social NetworkView Group332
Home Education in Cork (and surrounding areas)View Group321
Genesee County HomeschoolersView Group319
Berlin Community School and Home AssociationView Group314
Haverhill Area HomeschoolersView Group312
Citrus Heights HomeschoolersView Group312
Morongo Basin HomeschoolersView Group308
N. NV Middle/High HomeSchool SupportView Group306
Home Educating MinimalistsView Group304
Chesterfield UK Home Education groupView Group304
LVHSGView Group302
Home Education WarringtonView Group301
John Hancock and LaBrum Home and School AssociationView Group299
Mankato Area HomeschoolersView Group299
Southside Chicago Home Educating FamiliesView Group299
Coeur d' Alene Area Homeschool CommunityView Group295
Wilson County Homeschool AdventurersView Group293
Walton Farm Elementary Home and School AssociationView Group290
Michigan-MacombCountyHomeschoolersView Group289
Crawley and Horsham Dragons Home EducationView Group288
Lafayette Area HomeschoolersView Group288
Stockport Home EducatorsView Group287
Lighthouse Homeschoolers Inc.View Group287
Cecil County HomeschoolersView Group286
Bassetlaw District HE. UKView Group284
H.O.S.T - Homeschool Organization of South Texas - Members GroupView Group284
Rowan-Cabarrus Homeschool Connections ( Homegrown Explorers)View Group282
Darling Downs and Surrounds Home EducatorsView Group280
Jackson Metro Homeschool SocialView Group280
South Bay Homeschoolers Class of '25-'30!!View Group279
Bishop's Stortford and Saffron Walden Home EducationView Group279
ENRICHri Members GroupView Group276
Home education SwindonView Group276
SMI Home and SchoolView Group275
North Wales Elementary Home & SchoolView Group273
York Region Homeschooling FamiliesView Group273
Parents Educating Children (PEC Homeschool Group)View Group272
Newton County GA Homeschool Co-opView Group269
Home Educating around the CampfireView Group269
Williamsburg Learn and Play Homeschool GroupView Group268
Home education HerefordshireView Group267
Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary Home and School ClubView Group266
Wichita Home Educating Families (WHEF)View Group265
Forest Ave Home & School AssociationView Group265
Southeastern CT HomeschoolersView Group260
Home education - CambridgeView Group258
Indian River Academy/ Home & School AssociationView Group258
Homeschooler LinkView Group257
Los Alamos HomeschoolersView Group256
Homeschooling an Only Child (Secular)View Group256
St. Katherine of Siena Home & School AssociationView Group254
Prairie Home High School AthleticsView Group254
Bakersfield Homeschool GroupView Group253
Home Education In Melbourne's WestView Group253
Homeschool Moms of GlendoraView Group253
OKC Secular Homeschooling (Oklahoma City)View Group253
The Inappropriate HomeschoolersView Group252
Tuscaloosa Homeschool RecessView Group250
Disney Days Homeschool GroupView Group249
Cypress Inclusive HomeschoolersView Group249
SWND HomeschoolersView Group248
FUN! Treasure Coast SchoolingView Group247
Home Education ResourcesView Group247
IMPACT Home School Co-OpView Group246
HENNEY (Home Education Network North East Yorks) Scarborough meetView Group245
North Manchester Rochdale Bury Middleton and Heywood Home educationView Group245
Toronto Homeschoolers Support GroupView Group245
Cymru ALN - Home Ed & EOTASView Group245
Fort Bragg HomeschoolersView Group244
Xenia And Beavercreek Area Homeschool MomsView Group244
Clayton Natural HomeschoolersView Group243
FaCE-LAView Group243
Lewes Home Educating FamiliesView Group242
Upstate South Carolina Area Secular UnschoolersView Group242
N.E.W. Home-Educating ParentsView Group242
St Edward Home & School AssociationView Group241
Pueblo Eclectic HomeschoolersView Group241
York Home School Assoc IncView Group240
CHESS Lansing HomeschoolersView Group240
CHOSEN (Christian Homeschoolers of Southshore)View Group239
Bedford County TN HomeschoolersView Group238
Portsmouth Home Education GroupView Group238
Colorado Springs Christian HomeschoolersView Group237
New Braunfels Home Schooling GroupView Group235
Our Lady of Hope Home & School AssociationView Group235
M.C.S. Home and School AssociationView Group235
The Homies - Homeschool GroupView Group235
SCKY Homeschoolers (Bowling Green Homeschoolers)View Group235
Butterflies Home Education meet ups Swadlincote and surrounding areasView Group235
Saint Monica Home And School PhiladelphiaView Group235
Sittingbourne Home EducationView Group233
Glasgow Home Education GroupsView Group233
JW Homeschool ConnectView Group231
Richmond Hill Homeschool CooperativeView Group231
North Brevard Homeschool AllianceView Group230
Cardiff Home Education Family ForumView Group229
Neighborhood Ongoing Yardsale. Church Homeschool & Other FriendsView Group229
North Tampa Homeschool FriendsView Group226
Journey HomeschoolersView Group226
NC Adventurous Home EducatorsView Group223
Pay It Forward BB Old School House Of FunView Group223
Home Education Hull & East YorkshireView Group222
Rimu House @ Tauranga Intermediate SchoolView Group218
Mechanicsville HomeschoolersView Group217
Willow Dale Home & SchoolView Group216
Incredible Farm Home Education MeetView Group216
HEART Homeschool Group FloridaView Group216
Graves Co. Home Education Co-opView Group216
VIPkid Homeschool Moms (unofficial fb site)View Group216
Freedom HomeschoolersView Group215
Lost In The Woods Homeschool AssociationView Group213
Beneficiaries home educating in NZView Group211
Homeschoolers of PuebloView Group211
Home Education - RDCRSView Group211
Lord Nelson Home and School and ParentsView Group210
About HomeschoolingView Group209
Ramsgate and surrounding area (Thanet) home education groupView Group208
African American Homeschoolers of CharlotteView Group208
Meridian HomeschoolersView Group207
Wolverhampton Home EducationView Group206
General Nash Elementary Home & SchoolView Group205
Home School Families Around Racine""View Group205
Reno County Homeschool Connection Ltd - KansasView Group204
Alt-right homeschoolersView Group202
Durham Region Ontario HomeschoolersView Group202
Homestead Heritage Homeschool Co-opView Group200
Home Education/Home Schooling CanberraView Group199
FEED Christian Homeschool Families of Houston and Homeschool CooperativeView Group199
The Working Homeschool Mom" Club"View Group198
Lesson Planning with Daycare Spaces and IdeasView Group197
Homeschool Moms and Families -Treasure Coast - Martin County St. LucieView Group196
Homeschool Central -- Flagler CountyView Group195
Wirral Home EducationView Group195
Maadi Homeschool ConnectionView Group195
Boothwyn Home & SchoolView Group195
Alternative Homeschool GroupView Group195
Tracy Area Homeschool AcademyView Group194
PLANT-Playful-Learning-Autonomously-Nurtured-Teaching: Home Education GroupView Group193
Fort Meade Homeschool GroupView Group193
Down Syndrome Home Schooling Q & AView Group193
Chilton County HomeschoolersView Group192
HFC Private Group (members only)View Group192
Sussex County HomeschoolersView Group192
Adventure Homeschoolers of East TN Field Trip And Co-op GroupView Group191
Wokingham Home EducationView Group191
Activity List for Home Educating Families in Canterbury NZView Group191
Lake Cumberland Homeschoolers-Russell Adair Casey & Surrounding CountiesView Group190
Front Royal Flames - Homeschool SportsView Group188
SFA Home and School AssociationView Group186
Working Home Educating ParentsView Group185
North Devon Home Education GroupView Group184
Owosso Home School SportsView Group184
Fife Home EducatorsView Group184
T.L.C. Co-op (Training Leaders for Christ)View Group183
Manitoba Christian Homeschoolers Curriculum SwapView Group183
South Miami & Homestead HomeschoolersView Group182
Blue Mountains Home Education NetworkView Group180
Northside Home EducatorsView Group179
Home Education Beccles Bungay Halesworth & surrounding areasView Group178
Fraser Coast Home Educators (Gympie Homeschool and Surrounding Areas)View Group178
Hudson County HomeschoolersView Group177
DMV Black HomeschoolersView Group177
DFW Area Catholic Homeschool ParentsView Group174
Home Education/ Schooling Aberdeenshire (and Aberdeen)View Group173
Toronto Homeschool EventsView Group173
Bloomfield Home & SchoolView Group173
Athens (Texas) Area HomeschoolersView Group171
Saint Mary Home and School AssociationView Group171
REACH Homeschool Group-WVView Group171
Blackpool Home Education GroupView Group170
Design House Prep SchoolView Group170
HOPE Support Group (Huntsville Org. of Parent Educators)View Group170
Lawton/Ft Sill Homeschool AssociationView Group169
FAITH Homeschool GroupView Group168
Homeschool Families of ConroeView Group168
HYPE (Homeschooling Youth Partnering in Education)View Group167
Home Education Doncaster Group (HEDG)View Group166
Evergreen Elementary Home & School (St.Lazare)View Group166
HOPE in the Sandhills Homeschool GroupView Group165
Willis Area Home Educating FamiliesView Group165
Milton Primary Home and SchoolView Group164
Nineveh 90 Homeschooling MomsView Group163
Red Carpet Night - SETX Homeschool CommunityView Group163
THE - Tablelands Home EducationView Group163
Koinonia Home School GroupView Group163
St. Bernard Home and SchoolView Group161
Tri-State Homeschool Inc.View Group161
E.A.G.L.E. Home School GroupView Group160
Home Educating Families with a Child (or parent) with Type 1 DiabetesView Group160
CHIPS Home school groupView Group160
Homeschooling Through the HolidaysView Group158
An Educated Life in the Capital DistrictView Group157
PWC HomeschoolersView Group156
St. Tammany Parish HomeschoolersView Group156
RGV Homeschool Cooperative ResourceView Group156
Sonoran Desert HomeschoolersView Group155
CHEAHA HomeschoolersView Group155
Home Education Group ColchesterView Group155
special needs home school sydney NSWView Group155
Hill Country Christian HomeschoolersView Group153
Silver Lake Home and School LeagueView Group153
SAMHE (Scott Area Military Home Educators)View Group151
Mount Stewart Home & SchoolView Group149
Fort Campbell Homeschool GroupView Group148
* Liberty Home Educators *View Group147
St. Francis School Yuma - Home & School AssociationView Group147
Navigators Homeschool GroupView Group147
Fox Valley HomeschoolersView Group147
FSJ Home and School/Teacher Learning Resources Buy and SellView Group146
Amesbury MA Homeschoolers GroupView Group146
Solano Homeschool HomiesView Group145
Western Jefferson Home School NetworkView Group145
Leamington Home Education GroupView Group145
La Manada Multicultural HomeschoolingView Group145
Home Education East LancashireView Group142
Adventures in Homeschooling - AcadianaView Group142
Our Epic Support (no teachers or admin)(Oklahoma One on One)View Group141
OC Home schoolView Group141
Manor House School Class 1997 Dokki""View Group141
Grow Your Homeschool BlogView Group140
Home Educating & Therapies for the Unique LearnerView Group140
Home Educating Ideas and Resources UKView Group139
Ocala Homeschooling/Unschooling FamiliesView Group139
Home-educating children with different needs in MalaysiaView Group138
ACHIEVERSView Group138
Branches Homeschool Community - Biltmore CampusView Group137
Tiverton Home EducationView Group137
Havering Home Education GroupView Group136
Homeschool Meetup of Pierce & Thurston CountyView Group134
NAF Projects - Home Education GroupView Group132
the academy homeschool co-opView Group131
JBER HomeschoolersView Group131
MDL Military homeschool GroupView Group131
Backyard Farmers Club - Indy HomeschoolView Group129
Chase HEView Group126
Bundaberg HomeschoolersView Group126
SPOKAN- Home Education GroupView Group125
San Antonio Southside HomeschoolersView Group124
Home Education on the A69 (Carlisle to hexham)View Group124
Home Education Network AndoverView Group124
Eastrop Explorers - Basingstoke HEView Group124
Homeschool Families of Adair & Surrounding CountiesView Group122
Home Educating Families of the Greater Chattanooga AreaView Group122
MCHS Parents Group (Montessori Children's House and School)View Group122
LARHEView Group120
Bridgwater Home EducationView Group120
CHEF - Christian Home Educating FamiliesView Group119
HECK--Home Educating Christian KidsView Group118
Kiddiwinkie SchoolHouse @ Novena (Official)View Group118
Kissimmee Christian HomeschoolersView Group118
Darlington Home Education New GroupView Group116
PCHEA HomeschoolersView Group116
St. Augustin Home & School AssociationView Group116
Fort Riley and Surrounding Area Homeschool DiscussionView Group115
Learning Adventures Academy {A Special Needs Homeschool Co-op}View Group115
HOME: Homes Offering Meaningful EducationView Group115
Kingdom Colors Home Education CommunityView Group114
Skirty Girls - Christian homeschooling ladies in skirts (and dresses 🙂 )View Group113
HEART(s) for Scott (Home Educating All ouR *children* Together)View Group113
Home Educating FoodiesView Group112
Bunbury and surrounds home educating familiesView Group112
Henderson Homeschool ExplorersView Group112
San Antonio Homeschool NinjasView Group112
Albin Elementary School (official home of the WILDCATS)View Group111
Homeschooling AlbanyView Group109
DT School of Fitness - Home of CrossFit 221View Group108
PEAK MeridianView Group108
Home Educating In Forever FamilesView Group107
HOPE Homeschool RGVView Group107
AHEM (Activities for Home Educating Moms)View Group107
Connecting HomeschoolersView Group107
Rowlett Homeschool Friends - Playgroup & Field TripsView Group106
North Lanarkshire Home Educating FamiliesView Group106
West Fort Worth HomeschoolersView Group105
School House KCView Group105
CHEC - Christian Homes Educating ChildrenView Group105
Homeschoolers Of Collier CountyView Group103
Oak Meadow Southern Hemisphere CommunityView Group103
South Miami UnschoolersView Group103
Lexington Homeschool Co-opView Group102
Free Range Home EducationView Group101

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49 Responses to “The Most Popular Facebook Homeschool Groups - Ranked & Searchable (Over 700)”

  1. Meg B. says:

    This list is literally insane. There are so many groups I want to check out now... so little time... and if I were to join the ones that look useful... I won't end up having any time!

  2. Sonja says:

    So many were missed..... Unless your list is only intended for US-based groups. In that case, I bow out.

    • The list is intended for the U.S., although we've been expanding it to include general English-speaking groups. Any group that has non-English words or characters in the group title was removed.

  3. Estell T. says:

    Please make a list of only Secular groups

  4. Carrie Johnson says:

    Fort Worth Homeschoolers Connect: Learning Differences.
    We are a new group only about a year old. for homeschooling families with children with learning differences and special needs

  5. Julie says:

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into making this list. It must have taken a lot of time to do this. Amazing!

  6. Sherry S. says:

    Please make a list of the top pages! (Not just groups)

  7. Mike Schooling says:

    I can't even imagine how awful it was to compile and organize this list.... yikes... thanks for the effort, I'll make sure to share with my hs'ing friends.

  8. Layla Howard says:

    This is so great! I appreciate the time and effort!

  9. Ann S says:

    Is our possible to make this list searchable?

  10. Michelle says:

    Here's another - Religion Free Homeschooling Families

  11. Thank you for this amazing list! I showcased it on my e-book for my newsletter subscribers. I'd love it if you were to add my Connecting Homeschoolers ( group to this list too. At this point there is only 109 members, but I've just opened it up to everyone who homeschools or wants to homeschool.

  12. M L Hom says:

    All of the groups for My Father's World were missed. Let me know if you want the links.

  13. Liz says:

    You forgot Chattanooga Homeschool Community Events in the TN AL GA area

  14. Ivy says:

    Don't forget New Mexico Homeschool Group! It services New Mexico residents who homeschool across the state. 🙂

  15. E says:

    Thanks for this! what a great resource! Evangelical Christian Homeschoolers is missing, it's got over 1000 members.

  16. Gina Glenn says:

    Gina here from Kentucky Homeschooling (nearing 3000 members!) Please add us when you can. Thanks!

    • Mrs E Williamson says:

      Please ensure admin of those groups are happy for you to post details.

      • Brett Langford says:

        You do realize that all of these groups are public or closed, right? And that you agree to Facebook's privacy policy by being a Facebook member? And that Facebook owns the groups, not group admins? In public groups, anyone can join or be added or invited by a member. In closed groups, anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member. In both, anyone can see the group's name and see who's in the group and see the group description.

  17. Olivia Peterson says:

    Mother of pearl...

  18. Mrs E Williamson says:

    Your privacy document states 'We will collect personal information ...with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.' The group 'Home Education Solihull' has never given permission for you to share our details. We do not allow our details to used in this way and require our name and details to be immediately removed. Nor is any personal information given here to be used or shared in any way beyond acknowledging the above has been carried out. I look forward to receiving such acknowledgement. This is the 2nd time I have requested this to be done.

    • Hi Mrs. Williamson,

      First, the group you're referring to was removed when you sent the email. We responded to your email the same day you sent it. It may have still been available in the cache which may take time to clean based on your browser.

      Second, there has been some confusion on your part. You've looked at our website's privacy policy, which pertains to data our website collects about web visitors on our website. For instance, you just left a comment which requires us to "collect personal information" ie the name and email you used to comment.

      The list of groups we collected above is completely separate from any information collected from visitors to our website. Linking to a Facebook group is like linking to a website or blog. The information you're referring to as "personal information," is a name and link, which is not actually classified as "personal." I hope this makes sense.

      Of course, I am more than happy to remove groups from this list if the admins want.

    • Kristina Hubbard says:

      You do realize that you just publicly commented the name of your group? All you have to do is copy and paste 'Home Education Solihull' into a search bar and you'll find more information than is posted on this list...

  19. Janet Blooth says:

    Hard to view tables on my iPhone.

  20. Daisy says:

    Here is one that might interest those with child/ren enter high school: Its Not That Hard to Homeschool HighSchool

    NCHE is a non-profit organization active at the state level, serving homeschoolers in NC. Join us at

  22. YesiHomeschool says:

    Here is another that is growing pretty well:


  23. I have two groups that I'd love for you to add -

    Thrifty Homeschool -

    And My Joy-Filled Homeschool -


  24. I would love for you to add my group: Frugal Homeschooling Moms:

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