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MathCloud - Personalized Math Learning

MathCloud Personalized Math Learning
MathCloud is like a visual dictionary... for math.

MathCloud is an entirely new approach to learning math! No more memorizing methods, techniques, or (worst of all) solutions. Instead, MathCloud shows kids how to break down complex problems into smaller parts. The goal is to understand the similar principles bind each problem. This method allows students to truly understand the concepts and develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics.

What resonates the most with us about MathCloud is their dedication to teaching students the overall beauty of mathematics. (Review continued below)

MathCloud discount (group-buy)

The buyer's co-op is offering a special 34% discount for homeschoolers who purchase a 12-month subscription to MathCloud. This discount will only be available for a limited amount of time.

MathCloud review

Students must understand the various concepts and components of a math problem before they can begin to solve it. When students don't understand even 1 concept, they will have a hard time solving the problem. The concepts students learn each day build upon the ones they learned in the past. Anytime a student doesn't understand one concept, he or she will struggle to learn new ones in the future because all math concepts are connected (directly or indirectly).

To inspire students to think critically, MathCloud lets students visually see three different types of relationships between concepts and problems.

To provide a personalized experience, MathCloud created the advanced Neural Adaptive Learning Platform™. MathCloud continually measures student progress.

Look inside MathCloud's Smart Cloud

This video provides a quick look inside the logged-in experience of MathCloud's Smart Cloud system. Video not working? Click here.

MathCloud key features

  • Personalized learning experience
  • Cloud dictionary
  • Track progress
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Adaptive learning platform
  • Individualized student weakness recognition
  • Pursue true mastery in mathematics

Visually see problems and relations from 3 distinct perspectives

MathCloud helps students see relationships among concepts and problems from 3 perspectives.

  1. MathCloud shows students (with awesome visual intelligent graphs) how concepts are related. This helps students understand how root concepts can branch into (many different) sub-concepts.
  2. Students can see all concepts that are associated with a single problem. This allows students to actually understand why/how one problem actually needs multiple steps.
  3. Finally, MathCloud has students solve assortments of related problems. Through this, students lean what concept to apply while solving a problem.

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