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HomeschoolBase.com was first designed to be a community-driven homeschool website. We are always looking for new bloggers and guest posts and we welcome all types of contributions to our website. We publish guest posts and articles from bloggers, homeschool parents, teachers, webmasters, and anyone else related to the homeschool world.

    Quick Disclaimer: Yes, we offer guest post opportunities and have a guest column. No, we do not publish any spammy or unrelated material that does not bring our readers value and is pitched purely for the purpose of a 'SEO' benefit.

    We do have some requirements which you should read before filling out a contact form. If you've already written/prepared a post for us, you should contact us using the form below. When we respond back, you can send the file to us via email. Alternatively contact contribute[@]homeschoolbase.com.

    If you want to run ideas by us before you write, you can contact us through any form or email with your ideas and questions.

    We also have full-time bloggers. This means they have log-in credentials and post semi-exclusively through Homeschool Base. These individuals have their own author bios and URLs. If you're interested in regularly contributing to the homeschooling community let us know!

    Requirements and Terms

    Our requirements and terms are very standard.

    • All submissions will be reviewed by the HomeschoolBase.com staff before publication.
    • All submissions should be written by you. Any quotes should be properly attributed.
    • All posts and articles must be unique. This means you can not republish articles on HomeschoolBase.com that you've already published on your own blog or another website. Note: You can submit documents/lesson plans/journals that you have in Word documents on your computer even if they were distributed as printed copies. Just so as long as it was not published online.
    • All articles and blog posts must meet the following quality requirements, all judged by the HomeschoolBase.com staff:
      • Submissions should be grammatically correct and have readable sentence structure and organization. All submissions should be on par or above 'newspaper' article status.
      • Factually correct. All submissions that make references to facts should be justifiable. We do not accept 'click bait' style titles that are ultimately discovered to be untrue.
      • Blog submissions may be opinionated -- in fact, we welcome and encourage opinionated blog submissions. Article style submissions should be as objective as possible.
      • Offensive content, profane language, inappropriate pictures, and the likes will be immediately rejected.
      • Submissions purely for the purpose of advertising another website, product, guru, or service are not allowed.
      • All submissions should be 500 words or longer and include at least 1 accompanying image that is not under copyright. The ideal article length is easily over 1,000 words. The ideal blog length is usually 500 words or longer. We are interested in quality posts, not quick and spammy posts you can churn out every 10 minutes.
    • No political posts are allowed that relate directly to an election. It is fine to post about teaching children about American government by watching the presidential campaigns. But it is not okay to list reasons why a particular candidate is a terrible person. We simply do not want this on our site.
    • HomeschoolBase.com reserves the right to decline publication to submissions. HomeschoolBase.com also reserves the rights to remove previously published posts if there is a good reason. Such reasons might include misinformation, policy changes, legalities, relevancy, or excessive controversy.
    • All contributors agree to Homeschool Base's privacy policy and terms of service.

    We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about a submission or potential submission on this page or on our contact page.

    Last modified: May 6, 2017