What is teaching?

  • The act, practice, or profession of a teacher.
  • Leading a student or a group in the acquiring new knowledge, skills, or understanding.
  • The facilitation of knowledge – bringing out and focusing the wisdom of the group or individual, often during the creation of something new or the solving of a problem.

We believe that teachers should be facilitators.

A Big Bunch of Brain Breaks - Brain Break Ideas for Every Scenario

Posted in Teaching on July 16, 2017

A huge list of brain breaks for the home, classroom, individual, or group

If your child has “the wiggles” and can’t focus on schoolwork, give them a “brain break!” Science has proven that taking short movement breaks every 25-30 minutes makes students more efficient, helping regain focus and alertness. For more information see the importance of brain breaks. Need a quick list of brain break ideas to get started? Read More »

The Value of Teaching Kids to Type

Posted in Teaching on July 2, 2017

children should learn to type correctly between the ages of 6 and 7.

Over the last decade, the world has become a technology driven place. It has become even more important for children to develop computer-based skills, and technology based skills earlier in life. Unfortunately for the average U.S. K-12 student, typing is not a priority in the public schools. Their curriculum doesn't introduce keyboarding until the beginning Read More »

What Does It Mean to Give a Child an Idea?

Posted in Homeschooling, Teaching on June 26, 2017

Teaching children how to understand ideas

There are some teachers that we never forget. Some teachers have a special place in our hearts. They had something that the others just couldn’t touch. As children, we didn’t recognize it, we just knew that while in their class we never felt like we were learning and we always walked away feeling kinder and Read More »

Interpersonal Intelligence: The Social Butterfly

Posted in Teaching on June 19, 2017

this girl has strong Interpersonal Intelligence that allows her to be the center of attention

Are you really good at making friends? Are you that person with whom your friends always confide? Are you great at sales? If you describe yourself as a “people person,” you have an interpersonal intelligence profile. The Progressive, Modern Understanding of Intelligence Throughout much of history, intelligence has been thought of as the general capacity Read More »

Intrapersonal Intelligence: Achieving Self-Awareness

Posted in Teaching on June 18, 2017

Gandi is a great example of this Multiple intelligences type

Of the 8 intelligence profiles identified in the 1999 edition of Howard Gardner’s book “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences,” Intrapersonal Intelligence is the hardest to define. Gardner is a psychologist and Harvard graduate whose theory of Multiple Intelligences revolutionized modern psychology. His theory divides the strengths of individuals into 8 categories. Although these Read More »

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