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Homeschooling can be overwhelming to a new parent. These posts have been categorized especially for helping out new homeschool moms (and dads). The posts you’ll read about here can help get you started! You might also be interested in checking out the Homeschooling 101 page.

Other site pages that are useful for getting started:

Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Homeschooling? Relax and Use These 7 Tips

Posted in Homeschooling, Supporting the Parent on March 14, 2019

Anyone can feel overwhelmed at any time during their homeschool journey. You might be a brand new homeschooling parent and everything feels so difficult. You could be a seasoned homeschool veteran having a bad year because of health problems. No matter where you are in your journey, rest assured that someone else feels overwhelmed by Read More »

Choosing a New Homeschool Method When This One Doesn't Work

Posted in Homeschooling, Just Starting Out on September 1, 2017

We are all unique and appreciate different styles

Everyone does it, but only a few admit it. We’ve all been there. Three months into the year we realize that this curriculum choice or this method just isn’t working. It stares you in the face; your horrible mistake. When the year began, you were certain that this was the perfect fit for your child. Read More »

10 Most Important Steps to Get You Started in Homeschooling {Part 2}

Posted in Just Starting Out on August 5, 2017

This family took the necessary steps to start homeschooling today!

So, you’re ready to homeschool. Awesome choice. The flexibility, family time, and individualized approach to teaching your child is going to pay off big in your child’s confidence and growth. And you can have peace of mind with no fear of bullying, homework woes, or dreaded bus rides! But starting something new is never easy; Read More »

10 Most Important Steps to Get You Started in Homeschooling {Part 1}

Posted in Just Starting Out on August 4, 2017

These are the steps to get your family started in homeschool

When I decided to homeschool as a young mother, it was because I had already seen the incredible results that homeschooling was having on kids of all ages. I was a teacher and homeschool evaluator here in Pennsylvania. So, I had spent five years meeting with homeschoolers, reviewing their portfolios and seeing the incredible adventures Read More »

Complete (All-In-One) Homeschool Curriculum 101

Posted in Homeschooling, Just Starting Out on July 19, 2017

There has never been a perfect curriculum, it is all about how you approach yours.

What Is a Complete Homeschool Curriculum? Choosing a complete curricula, also known as all-in-one curriculum, is often the simplest and most comfortable way for new homeschooling parents to start their homeschool journey. Since everything is included in the package, there is very little need to locate other resources. All you need to do is break Read More »

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