Parenting is a huge aspect of homeschooling. These parenting articles are useful to all parents, not just home educators. We have also welcomed guest articles by non-homeschoolers in this category. If you think you have something to offer, let us know.

What Schools (and Parents) Are Not Teaching Kids

Posted in Parenting on October 6, 2017

What Schools (and Parents) Are Not Teaching Kids

Today’s youth are a wonderful generation with kind hearts and big dreams, just like everyone that has gone before them. However, I feel that families and the education system are both failing to prepare them for the practicalities of life and robbing them of a sense of competence. I thought I had brought up our Read More »

Homeschoolers Poll: Do you give your kids a flu shot?

Posted in Lifestyle, Parenting on September 19, 2017

Preparing a flu shot vaccination

Its that time of year again! Discussions about vaccines, specifically the flue shot, are running rampant across Facebook, Twitter, and personal circles. So I thought I would gather up what I've found to be the most insightful comments from some Christian homeschooling mothers. For privacy purposes I'm not including profile photos or names and will Read More »

Learning to Mother

Posted in Homeschooling, Parenting on September 18, 2017

A mother kissing her daughter's cheek

I believe homeschooling is an ideal environment for children to learn mothering. My mother had six siblings. My dad had four. They grew up in culturally disparate neighborhoods in Toronto during the war, one Italian, the other Irish. They played mostly with their cousins who resided on the same street. My nonna lived on the Read More »

3 Smart Alternatives to “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Posted in Parenting on September 13, 2017

A boy following his dreams

This question is one of the trademarks of our culture. Most of us are asked this nearly as soon as we’re old enough to string together the simple sentence required to answer it. And then we pass it along — it’s a go-to conversation starter when we meet kids. And even when kids outgrow that Read More »

Transgender: How Will We Teach our Children?

Posted in Parenting on August 30, 2017

Two men holding hands

When I was in kindergarten, I came home with armfuls of artwork, skinned knees with band-aids, and tales of Dick and Jane. There was also Old Macdonald and The Lucky Puppy, Peter Rabbit and Jeremy Fisher, Mother Goose, and Sleeping Beauty. Listening to these provided pure entertainment value, with the added bonus of encouraging me Read More »

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