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Last modified: December 9, 2016

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Homeschool Base is an eclectic collection of homeschooling resources, news, information, and blogs. By eclectic, we mean we are willing to cover everything. Homeschool Base’s intent is to be middle ground between academia, breaking news, homeschool blogs, and homeschooling resource sites, where one can come and learn about all things homeschooling.

Why does Homeschool Base exist?

Many of the largest 'authority' homeschooling websites are pretty old. Sometimes the designs are ugly, complicated, and messy. Lots of beginners find their navigations to be confusing. When an old website's template isn't responsive, it is hard to view the website on your phone or tablet. Unfortunately, a few homeschooling sites seem to be 50% ads and 50% information. At worst, their information is sometimes outdated. Let's not stay entrenched in the technology of the early 2000s.

Please don't misinterpret that paragraph. We are a volunteer staff of homeschoolers and there are hundreds of homeschooling blogs and websites that we love. In fact, we like the vast majority of them! Most of us even have our own personal blog(s).

What we doknow is that prospective moms have approached us and complained about how overwhelming it is to get started. We have real-life experiences where people have asked if we know of a cleaner solution.

People requested a homeschool baseA foundation. A center of operation.

HomeschoolBase.com is a modern resource for homeschooling. Not just for the beginner, but for everyone.

The project is not 'complete' by any means, but we're working on it every day.

Moving forward, our original vision was to build a responsive, clean, and informational website that the community will welcome with open arms. We want to build a website that has information and resources that are as useful and plentiful as the 'big' corporate homeschool sites without compromising any integrity.

Our primary mission? Community service. Giving back.


Community Run and Volunteer Based

Homeschool Base is a community-based website. This means we need your feedback and contributions! We exist to provide the resources that you need and want plus the resources that some people don't yet realize they need.

This is why we encourage every Homeschool Base reader to make a writing contribution / guest post so that your voice, opinion, and insights are heard! If you are interested, you can even become a Homeschool Base blogger and contribute whatever you want, whenever you want! You'll get a blog page that looks something like this.

Social entrepreneurship & activism

Do you need help with your social entrepreneurship or homeschool activism? Let us know by contacting us because we want to help.

Link Up

Homeschool bloggers love to link up. It is awesome, healthy, and we support it 100%. If you write a helpful and informative blog about homeschooling, we want our readers to know about it. We also want to adhere to our design mission of creating and maintaining a clean, responsive, fast, and organized website. So, we implemented two options.

The first way to link up with Homeschool Base is to contribute an article, blog post, or resource. Everyone who contributes gets credited and a link back to their site, social media pages, information, etc. You are welcome to take it a step further and get log-in credentials and write for our audience regularly!

Secondly, (and even if you participate in the first option) we are in the process of creating a 'directory' page of bloggers! It is going to be awesome. At first, it will probably just start out as a regular 'page.' But eventually, we want to add some features. Anyways... ... ... this project is in the works. Please contact us if you want your blog to be added to this page! We won't add your blog without your permission.

Oh, we almost forgot. If you think this site is pretty cool you are always welcome to add links or images from our site on yours. No need to request permission. What we summarized here is available on the homeschool link ups page.

Your suggestions will be implemented

Give us feedback. Please! We are here for you, the homeschooler.

  • Is there something  you need?
  • Are we missing something important?
  • Is there anything you would like to see implemented or changed?
  • Is one of our articles incorrect? Miscategorized? Or incorrectly characterizing?
  • Did someone forget to use the atuo-correct?
  • Is our mission flawed in some way?
  • Maybe you want to help out?
  • Should we change something about our design?
  • Our site is running slowly? What??? Report it! (Please, we pay too much in hosting fees to let that happen!)

Please contact us, post a comment, or message one of our bloggers directly. Our staff is more than happy to help.

No obnoxious ads, ever

We promise that Homeschool Base will NEVER be filled with obnoxious ads. Lots of display ads make website pages load really slowly. Flashy ads are distracting and make the site look cluttered. They can add to the confusion. As of now, we are not running a single display advertisement in any of the resource sections and all website costs and fees are coming out of pocket. News articles usually contain some type of sponsor, product, or Amazon advertisement to help pay for the server bandwidth.

Additionally, we refuse to sell or endorse anything that we do not personally recommend and/or have experience with.

If one of our blog posts contains a product that is sold on Amazon, we will probably link to it. Why? Because we link to things that are generally helpful. Referral links do give us the chance to earn a small amount of revenue although we have yet to implement this. If you do see an Amazon link, please note that the item price will never be more expensive by using our link. For additional information read our privacy policy.


Our bloggers come from rich backgrounds. This is the way we like it. We want diversity because we are inclusive homeschoolers and because we know diversity is essential for learning. This is an educational website for parents as much as it is a resource. We are always accepting new reviews and posts about different homeschooling styles and philosophies. As a site and as a 'brand,' we stay completely neutral in terms of beliefs, religion, practice, and so forth.

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