Link Up With Homeschool Base

We know homeschool bloggers because we are homeschool bloggers. We love link up parties. Link ups are a popular way to get your name out there, get more page views, and meet new friends. Homeschool Base  is also a common domain, meaning that the contributing bloggers share the 'control.' We can't add every single homeschool and parenting blog that we each like to the sidebar of our website. The page would never load, the site would be distracting, and none of you would be able to stand out anyways.

So, instead, we're going to be offering two alternative options that we can all agree upon.

1. Linking through contribution

If you currently run a homeschool blog, you are automatically 'approved' to be a Homeschool Base contributor. If you haven't read our page on contributing, you should glance over it. As long as you meet the basic guidelines for a post, you are able to contribute and become a Homeschool Base blogger. When you contribute a post you will be able to contain appropriate links in the post body. More importantly, you will get an introduction or "About the Author" that contains your name, website, social media links, and more. If you plan to contribute regularly, you will have an author bio and an author page that are permanently associated with your posts.

2. Linking on our blogroll page

We are in the process of adding a blogroll page for homeschool bloggers. It is not yet finished and is not live. If you wish to have your blog added, please contact us and when the page goes live your blog will already be added. Before contacting, please make sure your request fits within and contains the requirements:

Blog authors should provide:

  • Their blog URL
  • A description of their blog that includes
    • The topic or niche that they blog about - e.g. 'homeschooling & crafts,' 'unschooling,' 'daily homeschool journal.'
    • When your blog was 'founded' - (how long you've been around)
    • When you started homeschooling
    • Anywhere from several sentences to two paragraphs about who you are and why your blog is awesome
  • A thumbnail photo

With our website's loading speed and design in mind, the blogroll page will not contain large images, javascript, etc. Our goal is to sort in terms of primary category.

Disclaimer: Please note that while some of our bloggers may share their posts with you, they do not have the ability to add links to Homeschool Base pages or sidebars. Also note that the opinions of some of our individual bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinion of Homeschool Base as a whole. Please understand that we are inclusive. As long as you homeschool and love/value learning, you are welcome here.

Last modified: October 10, 2016