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Reading List: 48 Engaging Fantasy Books & Series for Teens & Tweens

Posted in Reading Lists and Book Lists on March 26, 2017

Fantasy and adventure books for tweens

Several authors are repeated, but most of these books are sourced from unique authors. These books are especially perfect for tween and teen boys that love fantasy and adventure. Each book description should have links to a public library search and an Amazon search. If we missed a book, comment your suggestions!

Unschooling Facebook Groups

Posted in Unschooling on March 24, 2017

Facebook groups are one of the best ways to network with other homeschoolers. This list only contains groups that are explicitly for unschooling and unschoolers. For an all-purpose homeschool group list, check out the world's most popular homeschool Facebook groups. The groups on this list include: Open groups Closed groups Buy/Sell/Trade groups Local groups This Read More »

The Most Popular Facebook Homeschool Groups - Ranked & Searchable (Over 700)

Posted in Just Starting Out, Resources on March 23, 2017

Facebook Homeschool Groups

There are a LOT of Facebook groups for homeschoolers. In the beginning, lots of homeschoolers used Yahoo! Groups, but over the past few years, Facebook groups have emerged as the clear winner and dominant platform. Because Facebook knows everything about you, they actually make it difficult to discover new groups by filtering search results to match your location, Read More »

Classic Cultural Texts and Historical Books to Read Before College

Posted in Reading Lists and Book Lists on March 21, 2017

Cultural and Historical Classics for high school and college bound students

When The College Board released a list of 101 books to read before college they also included 20 classic cultural and historical texts. This is not a comprehensive list of every classic historical book, but it is an excellent list for high school students and college prep. To make it as easy as possible to Read More »

101 Books to Read Before College - College Board Approved

Posted in Reading Lists and Book Lists on March 21, 2017

College Bound Reading List

I'm well aware that involved parents, homeschoolers, and teachers search for the top books students should read before going to college. Several years ago The College Board released a list of 101 books they recommended all college-bound students should read. I remember saving this list and I've since shared it (and printed it out) many Read More »

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