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Teaching Your Child How to Call 911 with a Cell Phone (The Modern Way)

Posted in Parenting on April 7, 2017

Emergency 911 Situation

When we're faced with a real emergency, it suddenly becomes extremely difficult to act logically, think straight, and remember what we were taught. There are a number of facts we all should remember when calling 911. But, over the past 15 years things have changed a bit... The ubiquity of cell phones has changed the Read More »

The Top 10 Montessori Facebook Groups (English Speaking)

Posted in Resources on April 3, 2017

Featured Montessori Facebook groups

Our post about Homeschool Groups on Facebook was so popular we received numerous list requests. Other than the Unschooling Groups, one such request was for a list of the best Montessori Groups on Facebook. We haven't had time to compile a huge list of 100, but we were able to filter out the top 10 most Read More »

Your Guide to Finding the Best Beginner Telescopes for Kids

Posted in Reviews on March 31, 2017

The Best Telescope Feature Image

It's been estimated that there are around 300 billion stars in the Milky Way. 300 billion. We don't need to tell you how absolutely incredible that is, not least of all because the great Douglas Adams already put it better than we ever could: That sounds about right. There comes a time in everybody's life Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Charter Schools

Posted in Homeschooling on March 31, 2017

Parents agree that education is one of the principle factors of a child’s development. Where you decide to take your child for school is often a difficult and complex decision. Parents consider classroom sizes, styles of teaching, how close the school is to home, bus options and routes, cost of tuition, books and the commute, Read More »

263 Best Selling Health & Fitness Courses from Udemy

Posted in Udemy on March 28, 2017

263 Health and fitness courses

This is a huge searchable list of best selling and highest rated Udemy courses in the Health and Fitness niche. Use these classes as a PE, elective, supplements, or just for fun! Make sure to comment if you've used one. Best health and fitness courses This list wasn't easy to compile. If you appreciated it, Read More »

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