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The Best Books For New Homeschool Moms

Posted in Just Starting Out on September 27, 2016

Because you’re going to homeschool your child, you understand the importance of education. You want your children to learn, grow, develop, and excel at life. If you’ve chosen homeschooling as the best avenue to achieve this, you’ve got a lot of responsibility on your hands. Homeschool Base is an excellent online resource, but there are Read More »

The Best Resources For Special Needs Education

Posted in Resources on May 25, 2016

Special needs students usually thrive in a homeschool environment. Homeschooling and special needs go hand in hand because the freedom of homeschooling allows the parent to create a structure and program that works for their child's specific challenges and needs. This post will be updated with resources for homeschooling with special needs students. If you Read More »

Free Ebooks to Study China

Posted in Ancient History, Culture, Eastern Civilization, Elementary, High School, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Middle School, Mythology on November 12, 2015

Chinese History and Culture A History of China – high school reading level Village Life in China – A snippet of life in a Chinese village circa 1899 Notable Women of Modern China (1912) China by Sir Henry Arthur Blake Peeps Into China – suitable for all ages Sidelights on Chinese Life China’s Story The Story Read More »

The Homeschooler's Guide To Getting Into College

Posted in Homeschooling on June 11, 2015

College Prep for Homeschoolers

This is a big concern for homeschool families. Lots of families are either worried that homeschoolers aren't accepted into universities or that it will be more difficult. This page is going to answer two main points. The first question addressed will be the myth that homeschoolers do not get accepted into college, or that it Read More »

Who is John Caldwell Holt (Author)

Posted in Homeschooling on July 1, 2002

The late John Holt was an author and educator well known among Homeschoolers. His methods and ideas about education live on today through books he has written and through the "Growing Without Schooling" magazine he founded. The "Growing Without Schooling" magazine was established by John Holt in August of 1977; it is believed to be Read More »

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