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The Three Primary Reasons For Homeschooling

Posted in Just Starting Out on October 7, 2016

The Wall

Your reasons for homeschooling Families choose homeschooling for many reasons. In fact, Homeschool Base believes that there are as many reasons for homeschooling as there are homeschoolers. Nevertheless, there are three primary categories for why people choose homeschool. You should be able to identify which of these broad categories best describes you. Every homeschool family needs Read More »

How to Teach Based on Your Child's Learning Style

Posted in Just Starting Out on September 29, 2016

After a solid understanding of the importance and types of learning styles, and after the homeschool parent has identified their child's learning style (and their own), they are able to configure their teaching methods and curriculum to best suit these styles. Some scientific studies have concluded that there are no measurable benefits to teaching based Read More »

How to Identify Your Children’s Learning Types

Posted in Just Starting Out on September 28, 2016

This is the second article about learning types. For more information about the history, types, and method of categorizing learners see this article. There are four primary learning styles -- visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic. Very few people have a single learning style, most people can learn by a variety of methods. Nevertheless, there is usually one style that Read More »

The Most Common Learning Styles & Why They're Important

Posted in Just Starting Out on September 28, 2016

Why are learning styles important? The purpose of this article is to introduce and familiarize the reader with the major styles of learning and provide them with resources for additional education. Homeschool parents can have significantly more impact on their child's learning if they are able to successfully identify their learning style and then cater Read More »

The homeschool definition of education and learning

Posted in Just Starting Out on September 28, 2016

What is the objective of education? The objective of education is often lost amidst tradition. People carry out their days through routine and structure. Most parents take their children to school every day at the same time, then go to work, then take their children home, etc. Education systems exist, but little thought is usually directed Read More »