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Special needs students usually thrive in a homeschool environment. Homeschooling and special needs go hand in hand because the freedom of homeschooling allows the parent to create a structure and program that works for their child's specific challenges and needs.

This post will be updated with resources for homeschooling with special needs students. If you have a child with a disability or special needs, you will be interested in reading this page on homeschooling with special needs before visiting our start homeschooling page.

Most homeschools use some type of curriculum, plans, books, and support. Every student is unique - never feel that you must copy what someone else is doing.

Getting help

Because there are many disabilities that fall under the umbrella term of special needs (or special challenges), the most useful resources are often very specific to the child. For instance, children with ADHD often need short and manageable lessons. Children with invisible illnesses may need regular breaks and assistance throughout the day. Dyslexic students can benefit from a wide variety of aids and alternative methods.

Homeschoolers may have access to the therapeutic services offered at their local public schools. This varies by state, so no universal answer can be given. It is usually recommended to use a private organization or service if possible. is an excellent general resource website for parents homeschooling children with special challenges.

NATHHAN (National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network) - This is a Christian organization. They offer a number of resources and links that are helpful to parents homeschooling with challenged students. "Encouraging homeschooling families with special needs children, in ways that glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and equipping parents to confidently homeschool their children with special needs or disabilities."

The National Association for Child Development - This website is not specifically for homeschooling. Most parents will already know about this website. It is an international organization of parents and professionals who are dedicated to helping children and adults reach their full potential.

Home Schooling Children with Special Needs (3rd Edition)

This is an excellent book, the above link leads to the Amazon product page. This book was the first of its kind and is referenced by many special needs websites. It can provide a broad overview of homeschooling with special needs. From the official product description: Do you have a child with a learning problem, and you feel apprehensive about teaching him at home?

  • Do you need help locating the best resources for home schooling your child with special needs?
  • Do you find yourself confused and intimidated by the professional jargon related to special education?
  • Do you struggle with discouragement related to your child's progress in learning?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, "Home Schooling Children with Special Needs," will help you.

Curriculum for special needs

Each type of challenge deserves a unique approach. The best course of action is to research curriculum on Google using keywords specific to any learning disability your child might have.

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