5 Social Emotional Learning Activities You Should Be Using Now

Posted in Homeschooling, Teaching on August 14, 2017

  Is your child facing a bully in school? Maybe your child's school is pointing the finger at them for being a bully. Children who are categorized in this area typically throw tantrums and struggle with severe mood swings. Their behavior can be characterized as being “out of sorts” or “acting out.” Many children in Read More »

How I Used Drones in My Autistic Child’s Education

Posted in Teaching on August 13, 2017

Drones and Special Ed.

Remember finishing up your snack and rushing outside to play? Setting up dollhouses, or playing in the open air for hours on end? There’s a certain sacred magic around playtime that nothing else can mimic. As children, we learn and develop a lot through play. And if your little one is like mine, you already Read More »

Inspire Your Students to Love Reading

Posted in Teaching on August 3, 2017

Inspire your students to love reading by catering to their learning preference

As homeschoolers we want nothing more than to create lifelong reading lovers. We want our students captivated by the many adventures and journeys in literature. We want to inspire their own creativity and engage in new possibilities and dreams. That's why many of us choose curriculum based upon books, classics, and (you guessed it) reading! Read More »

Math for Learning Styles: Customizing the way you teach math

Posted in Teaching on August 2, 2017

She will be happier if you teach math according to her learning style

We all have memories from our childhood that have stuck like cement. Some we are grateful to remember; others we wish we could forget. One of my most vivid memories, and one I wish I could wipe clean from my memory, was of being humiliated in front of the entire Geometry class. I was no Read More »

A Big Bunch of Brain Breaks - Brain Break Ideas for Every Scenario

Posted in Teaching on July 16, 2017

A huge list of brain breaks for the home, classroom, individual, or group

If your child has “the wiggles” and can’t focus on schoolwork, give them a “brain break!” Science has proven that taking short movement breaks every 25-30 minutes makes students more efficient, helping regain focus and alertness. For more information see the importance of brain breaks. Need a quick list of brain break ideas to get started? Read More »