5 Most Important Factors in Social Emotional Learning

Posted in Teaching on June 7, 2017

Children working together to develop Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning also referred to as SEL, is a newer addition to the public school system, and many private schools. It can be easily integrated into a homeschool curriculum. This concept is integrated into almost every subject a child takes in school, and it provides them with essential emotional management tools. It has many Read More »

Brain Breaks Q&A: Surprising Science Behind "Getting the Wiggles Out"

Posted in Teaching on June 5, 2017

Brain Breaks stop you from pulling your hair out!

Buzzword alert! Chances are, you've heard of "brain breaks." And unless you've done a good deal of research yourself, you probably have some unanswered questions. This article will provide a question and answer session that will introduce you to the popular focus and engagement activity. Q: What is a Brain Break? A: “Brain Breaks” are Read More »

How to Get Your Child Excited About Math

Posted in Teaching on June 4, 2017

Getting children interested in Mathematics

It is difficult to get children excited about a topic like math. I think this is because the topic is very literal and children are creative thinkers. Because math is a topic that people tend to avoid once they have a negative experience, it is all the more important to make sure your child is Read More »

Teaching Cursive Writing at Home

Posted in Teaching on June 2, 2017

Pen and paper used to teach children how to write in cursive

In a society that continues accelerated integration with technology, a heated debate has surfaced about whether or not K-12 teachers and schools should be required to teach cursive writing. Many believe cursive writing, also called script or longhand, is an art that should be preserved, while others think time in classrooms should be spent focusing Read More »

Engaging Activities for Preschoolers (and How to Keep Them Engaged!)

Posted in Teaching on June 2, 2017

Activities like arts and crafts for preschoolers

Preschoolers are so energetic and active that you sometimes find yourself searching for more ways to keep them occupied. In most scenarios, it is possible to ensure they are still learning at the same time! There are a plethora of activities that you can let your preschoolers take part in. The key is to keep Read More »