Ideas for Using "Put the Mood on the Emotion" Card Game

Other Games You Can Play with the "Put the Mood on the Emotion" Cards
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I feel this way cards for social emotional learning

Here are more games you can play with the "Put the Mood on the Emotion Cards Game" cards. Your child will love them, and they won't even know they are learning.

header for printablesThese instructions were developed to go with the "Put the Mood On the Picture" Game discussed in "5 Social Emotional Learning Activities You Should Be Using Now." Don't forget to print out the flash cards and associated words on "Put the Mood On the Picture Flash Cards and Associated Words"

The download page has additional information about how to laminate them and some fun tricks that I use!

Feeling Memory

Play “Feelings Memory”. Print two copies of the cards and laminate them. Turn cards upside down, mix them up and spread them out on a table. The first player chooses two cards and turns them over. If the cards match, the player tells about a time when he or she felt like the character on the card, and gets to keep the cards. If the cards don't match, the player turns them over and puts them back on the table. Play continues until all cards are gone.

Feelings Story

Tell a “Feelings Story”. Turn the cards upside down and put them into a pile. Chose one card at random and begin to tell a story about the character on the card. Invite your children to help you add to the story. Turn over more cards to add characters to the story.

What Would You Do If?

Choose one of the cards and ask your child what they would do if they felt the same way as the character on the card. Talk about productive ways to deal with the emotions on the cards, as well as some things that people do that might not be as productive.

Draw This Feeling

Choose a card and invite your child to draw a picture of the feeling on the card WITHOUT drawing a face. Encourage the children to think about colors, shapes, and lines that the feelings inspire in them.

Can you think of any other games families can play with these cards to teach their child Social Emotional Learning activities?

What other games can you think of to play with these flash cards? We want to hear what you think!

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