The Best Composition Notebooks

The standard composition notebook is easily one of the most quintessential and iconic school supplies. And, with good reason. A composition notebook has extreme durability because the binding is sewn and taped. These notebooks don't have spirals that get caught on clothing, backpacks, etc. The pages are not designed to be torn making these an excellent choice for record keeping.

The Best Selling Classic Mead Composition Notebook

These are the composition notebooks that we use all the time. They are affordable, extremely extremely durable, and get the job done. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for school, notes, schedules, and even as personal journals. Absolutely no complains about these, and they come in a 12-pack which is ideal for semester-stocking.

Younger kids may find them a little bit "boring," but they aren't meant to be flashy and "fun." Per usual, they include a multiplication table, conversion table and grammar rules on inside back cover.

Mead Composition Notebooks in Assorted Colors

These are ideal for younger students or anyone else who wants some color! They are especially ideal for group settings where students want different color books. Personally, we like to color-code notebooks with different subjects!

These are the same as the classic black (above), except they come in 4 color variations. They are sold in "bulk" packs of 12 and 24.

The Best Composition Notebooks for Kindergarten

Yet again, Mead makes the best composition notebook for children who need to practice writing the alphabet. This notebook features the same durable cover and sewn binding, but the pages are printed differently. There are solid and dotted lines that will help your Kindergartner, first grader, and second graders write neater.

These are the undisputed favorite among primary educators.

The Best Replacement for the Composition Notebook

Do you have a 3rd grader who is too old for the K-2 notebook above, but isn't ready for a "boring" composition notebook? The Black Learning Log is a potential option. It is designed for 3rd grade and up use to "log in" new spelling words, analyze spelling rules, collect examples, build grammar understanding, create derivatives, and master correct use of heteronyms.

However, please be aware that this book is part of the Spell to Write and Read curriculum.

Walmart also has an excellent selection of Composition Notebooks that are worth comparing. Here is a link to their filtered page of composition notebooks. Don't forget that Walmart has recently introduced free 2 day shipping -- no membership required!

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