Dissection Kit - Student Dissection Kit with Dissection Tools

The Best Dissection Kit for Students
This is a student dissection kit, perfect for homeschools, classrooms, group cop-ops, and all-around science enthusiasts. This is the best dissection kit we have ever purchased. We use this in group/co-op science labs and science classes. This kit is appropriate for middle school and high school ages. Many inquisitive children want to begin dissecting at an earlier age. Most public and private schools don't offer biology until at least 7th grade. This is a perfect solution for any advanced or ambitious students in that situation.

If necessary, one kit may be shared between several students.

The set includes an earthworm, crayfish, clam, perch, frog, grasshopper, and all the necessary dissection tools and equipment.

Dissection Kit Specifications

  • 6 Specimens
  • Dissection guides covering each specimen
  • Dissecting pan
  • Gloves
  • Dissection Set (all necessary dissection tools)
  • 99.7% Formaldehyde free

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Dissecting Kit for Grades 5-12

High Quality Student Dissection Kit

Advanced Lab Dissection Kit - Tools Only

Advanced Student Lab Dissection Kit Tools

The advanced lab dissection kit is not necessary or required. It is an opinion add-on toolkit for even larger groups and co-ops with limited specimen. Or, for students looking for higher grade tools.

Dissection Kit Review

Unlike many dissection kits, this one is almost completely odorless. This is because many other sets are not Formaldehyde free (like this one is). This kit in particular includes specimens that are extremely easy to dissect. We have only had extremely positive things to report about the animal size and quality.

The kit is designed to accommodate multiple students if needed. Historically, we have received 10 sets of gloves per dissection kit.

Some homeschools have used this kit as an afternoon or nighttime activity with dad. The kit can easily be spread out to cover most of the school year. For instance, some parents schedule one animal each month.

Dissection Tools & Kit Equipment

The dissection tools and equipment included are extremely high quality and durable considering the product's price point. It would not be unreasonable to expect the kit (everything other than the animals) to last through multiple re-orderings of specimens. We have used the base, flex pad, and tray for multiple uses beyond the kit's included specimens.

The scalpel in every kit we have received is extremely sharp. Children should not be allowed to use the dissection tools without parental supervision. Do not underestimate the usefulness of the included scissors. For the price, the scissors are an expected quality. However, they have proven to be an unexpectedly useful tool during dissection. The scissors are often the best tool to use for the specimens.

Important details

Storage of unused specimen.

Most of the time you will not be dissecting every specimen at the same time. Once the bag has been opened it is important to keep the remaining specimens in some type of air-tight container, like a sealing bag or clamp Tupperware. The specimens should then be stored in a refrigerator or another cool area.

For long-term storage, freeze the specimens in Ziploc bags. For the best dissection experience, please allow the frozen specimens to fully defrost before cutting.

Techniques for dissection.

The kit will warn you against "cutting too deeply into the specimen." In the past, we have taken this advice to the extreme. In many cases, we needed to press harder or cut deeper. Generally, the earth worm is the first specimen dissected. We gently used the scalpel and ended up only cutting through half of the necessary layer.

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