The Best Ring Stand

Cast Iron Supported Ring Stand
The ring stand is not a complicated piece of equipment. Our favorite ring stand is manufactured by American Educational Products. We like this product because it has a very heavy cast iron base (heat resistant), weighing around 2lbs. The rod fits securely into the base making for one of the sturdiest products available.

This product is built to last for many years. This product is often used with home distillation, science experiments, and professional chemistry use. Please note: the ring does not come with this stand. We suggest using the clamp retort (3 PVC coated prongs) or this 3 Finger JAW Clamp.

Ring Stand specifications

  • Strong cast iron base
  • Strong and dependable support
  • Acid resistant finish
  • Nickel plated steel rod
  • Threaded rod fits snugly into base
  • Base: 8" Length by 5" width
  • rod: 3/8" diameter by 20" length

Are you a "newbie," buying your first kit, starting a lab from scratch? If so, look below for the best all-in-one kit.

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We also highly recommend the EISCO support stand (ring stand). This product comes fully all-in-one with (1) Base, (1) Rod, (1) Clamp, (1) Burette Clamp, and (1) Retort ring. This is the best option for homeschools, co-ops, new classrooms, and anyone else who is "starting out." This all-in-one package eliminates the need to assemble your own system.

What is the function of a ring stand?

Ring stands are most commonly used during chemistry experiments to ensure that containers such as beakers, volumetric tubes/flasks, flasks, and test tubes are secured. The design of a ring stand is not complicated. There is a sturdy base and a vertical rod. The glass equipment is then clamped to the rod.

Benefits of using a ring stand

Ring stands are popular because students and scientists no longer need to hold onto the glassware. Bunsen burners can also be placed at the base of a ring stand, allowing a vile to be heated at the exact desired distance from the flame.

How to set-up a ring stand

This is our favorite informational YouTube video for setting up a ring stand and the various clamps.

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