Smart Robot by 4M

Smart Robot
This is an assemble-your-own smart robot by 4M! This smart toy comes with everything you will need.

Once assembled, this robot will move on its own and change directions when it meets an impasse. The smart robot only requires one AA battery to operate by itself.

Your kids can assemble this robot. Assembly time can range anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. The kit contains all the instructions and materials necessary. This toy was designed for ages 8 years and up. However, we've seen a 6-year-olds build it on his own. It was a challenge, but educational!

4M Smart Robot Review

The 4M Smart Robot is an excellent learning toy and gateway into the world of robotics -- perfect for encouraging a love of hands-on science!

This robot does not react well to small bumps, but it does change direction when it meets an object. The smart robot requires a flat surface with walls (like a kitchen or hard-wood living room) to operate. The robot is not powerful enough to handle rough terrain. For the price, its a great toy that your kids can build (instead of buying something already assembled.) This product is very popular among tech/robotics summer camps.

The younger the child, the more adult guidance will be required.

On an interesting side not, dogs seem to love this toy!

Helpful Tips

We set up a obstacle course for our kids to have a robot war/course to run through. First robot to the other side wins!

During assembly, make sure to install the motor completely to the bottom. If the motor is not pushed in all the way, the robot will be unable to rotate.

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