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California makes home education more difficult that most states.

California Homeschool Overview
And Homeschool Requirements in California

There are an estimated 235,660 home educated students in California

California requires homeschooling families to submit annual reports. There are state required subjects. The CA government does not conduct any state assessments of homeschoolers.

Very few states have laws that prevent parents from homeschooling their children. California does not prohibit parents from homeschooling based on their legal or criminal history. Only two states, Pennsylvania and Arkansas, prohibit some parents based on their criminal history or by someone living in the home.

To homeschool in California, parents must satisfy a minimum level of education: Parents must be “capable” of teaching. No law defines what this means, and officials are not allowed to exercise discretion.

California vaccine information

Yes, there is. Yes, no records submitted.

California Homeschool Law

California State Standards and Common Core

The Common Core is permeating many facets of education in California. The California Department of Education is working to align the definition of college and career readiness for California businesses and postsecondary institutions with the Common Core. Additionally, standards for technical instruction in California have been aligned to the Common Core.

Common Core Implications

Homeschoolers in California operate as private schools and are already required to file an annual affidavit with the state.

State Subject Requirements

Instruction must be in English and must cover “the several branches of study required in public schools.” For grades 1 through 6, these include English, mathematics, social sciences, science, visual and performing arts, health, and physical education. For grades 7 through 12, these include English, social sciences, foreign language, physical education, science, mathematics, visual and performing arts, applied arts, career technical education, and automobile driver education.

Additional note: The state's requirements are essentially the same across the various legal options.

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Sources: State-by-state education laws, state-by-state education bylaws, Dept. Education, local homeschool groups, and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.
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