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Key to Fractions Workbooks

Key to Fractions Complete Curriculum Set
Key to Fractions Complete Set - Key Curriculum Press publishes the best way to teach fractions! Key to Fractions, by Steven Rasmussen, is a complete course on fractions for children ages 9+. Although it is not a complete math course, Key to Fractions is very useful for students who need extra help with fractions. This set includes four student workbooks and a teacher's guide that includes instructional information and answer keys. The books:

  • Book 1 teaches fraction concepts
  • Book 2 teaches multiplying and dividing
  • Book 3 teaches adding and subtracting
  • Book 4 teaches mixed numbers
Practice tests are included at the end of each book.

Key to Fractions Complete Set Workbooks + Keys

We recommend buying the bundle of 4 Key to Fractions Workbooks.

Key to Fractions Books 1-4

Key to Fractions Books 1-4 bundle

Key to Fractions homeschool review

Key to Fractions by Key Curriculum Press is an (extremely) highly recommended specialized math curriculum (fractions). Concepts are introduced in a simple and logical way. The simple format allows almost any student to easily grasp new ideas and concepts.

Some students that enjoy math and have good retention may still struggle with concept development. Key to Fractions offers alternative explanations of the mathematics material through a short and incremental approach. This curriculum can also be used to remediate my older student's math education.

Key Points

  • Stop confusing factors and multiples
  • Engaging
  • More than adequate amounts of practice included (but not overkill)
  • Provides ample opportunities to truly learn the materials
  • High student retention
  • Full of 'Aha!' moments
  • Learn the purpose of factoring
  • Students can complete the lessons with little parent/teacher instruction/help
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for filling holes left by incomplete curriculum
  • Steven Rassmussen is brilliant

Can this be used with Singapore Math?

Yes! We are both familiar with, and fans, of Singapore math books. Homeschoolers can use both of these curriculums together without fear. The most common result is a well-rounded math student.

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