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Reflex Math - Math Fact Fluency Solution

Reflex Math
Reflex Math - Reflex Math is easily one of the most sophisticated online math drill programs. Reflex Math publishes high quality games that children actually enjoy playing. Almost every game-based program comes with some criticism of its methodology. However, Reflex Math does a surprisingly good job of teaching students the facts they miss. Another great benefit is that Reflex does an excellent job of adjusting the problems to suit what the individual student needs to practice.

For the reasons listed above, Reflex Math justifies a slightly higher price point than some other math drill programs. Nevertheless, it is still very reasonable and parents with several children (or coops) can take advantage of a fantastic group-buy deal - 44% off.

Reflex Math Review

First, let's take a quick walkthrough of Reflex Math's online math drill program.

Key information and program walkthrough:

This is a quick program walkthrough that covers some of the most essential information.

  • Your parent/teacher username is used as the initial login for every child/student, so choose wisely.
  • Students/children then select their own names from the class/parent/teacher list.
  • The program generates passwords for the students and then tracks each student individually.
  • There is a free teacher's guide.
  • Reflex math starts off by testing the user's typing speed and math fact fluency.
  • Based on the results of the student's response times, the program adjusts settings and speeds. In fact, the program is continually adjusting settings and problems to fit the needs of the student.
  • Reflex math interjects brief teaching exercises when students answer certain types of problems incorrectly and then adjusts the future problems.
  • Although the program is game focused, at times "Coach Penny" prevents students from progressing until they learn and practice some new facts. This is not necessarily an everyday occurrence.
  • When students make progress through the games, Reflex unlocks additional game options. There are 9 games in total. All except two are locked from the beginning (until the student plays past certain points).
  • Some students, not all, will enjoy Reflex Math's incentivization: the Reflex store. Children receive tokens they can redeem for items to dress their avatar. Students have an earning cap of 120 tokens per day.
  • Reflex Math's philosophy is that short daily sessions build fluency. Therefore, sessions should be 15 minutes long (the main reason for having a daily token max is to encourage this).

The games in Reflex Math

Don't expect each game to have completely different "math facts." The games have different scenery, prizes, and traps, but the math style and content is essentially the same. Students always play by using the keyboard to type in answers to problems.

The games are challenging, fun, and more complex than you might expect at first glance. Almost every game has some type of "inactivity" penalty. Some children may experience some anxiety because of the required "speed" and time limits. This is unavoidable in any math fluency/drill game.

Student learning and progress reports

Information included in the progress reports:

  • Breakdown of time spent per day
  • Average daily usage
  • Fluency gained
  • New facts learned

What is a fluency report?

The fluency metric Reflex Max so commonly refers to measures how consistently, quickly, and accurately students can answer a fact. This metric becomes more and more accurate as the student completes lessons. Although this metric will show up very quickly on progress reports, it is important to note that it may not be very accurate during the first few weeks. As the student completes more work, Reflex Max gathers more material to evaluate.

The student login view

Unlike some programs that limit student accounts, each student user can view his or her progress. Parents and teachers can view and print student progress reports.

Look inside the Reflex math login

Interested in a visual preview of the online login? This video shows the log-in, beginning screen, and demos a few series of games.

Reflex Math App

Reflex also published and maintains an iPad app. The App comes with a 14-day free trial period. The program can already be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, but the iPad app makes portability easier on the go. Here is the link to the app on the Apple iTunes store.

There is an Android App that shows up on Amazon. The app is also called Reflex, but it belongs to another company. Reflex is currently fighting to have taken down from the app store. Reflex does not currently have an android app. However, during email correspondence with a member of the Reflex staff we were informed that they hope to have their own Android App in the near future. (Hopefully the very near future!)

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