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Rosetta Stone Spanish

Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1-5 Set
Rosetta Stone Spanish -

The Rosetta Stone software is a total immersion language learning tool and curriculum.

It does not use L1 translations or explanations. This way, students must learn language through their own intuition.

Rosetta Stone must be used "in order," starting at Level 1 and progressing linearly. Rosetta Stone Spanish levels range from 1 to 5.

The software is usually purchased in one 1-5 bundle, but individual levels can be purchased on their own.

Rosetta Stone is branded as a natural immersion approach.

Rosetta Stone Spanish Review

One of the biggest criticisms about Rosetta Stone, the reason people either love it or hate it, is that it provides very little "explanations." To use this software successfully, you must be prepared to push through at times. The terribly negative reviews of Rosetta Stone are most often left by students who wanted grammatical answers immediately accessible.

To put it very simply, this is not the philosophy behind the Rosetta Stone system. They make this clear when they outline their approach.

If something is confusing, or you don't understand the vocabulary in a section, the best thing to do is ignore the frustration and continue. Although this might seem counter-intuitive, the vast majority of the time, everything will start coming together after a few more lessons.

The Spanish teachers we have consulted generally say that it is a great program and method for learning vocabulary. Some parents want a more structured and grammar based program. However, if these parents know any Spanish grammar, or have some type of supplemental text, they can easily supplement the program.

For an extremely detailed look into the finer aspects of the program, Mezzo Guild wrote one of the best Rosetta Spanish reviews on the internet. Anthony from Live Fluent also write an incredibly detailed review of Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone Online

As many other reviews have pointed out, this is a money-trap. The online version does not offer anything of value that the program does not already provide. Instead, the online version gives limited subscription access to the same materials that can be purchased permanently through software.

Buying the software (CD) means that you will own Rosetta Stone for life. The online subscription is like "renting" the software for a limited amount of time. If you choose Rosetta Stone, make sure to save money and buy it for life.

The #1 Language Learning Software Curriculum for Homeschools

Rosetta Stone has won numerous homeschool curriculum awards including: Cathy Duffy's Top Picks, Homeschooling Parent Magazine’s Stamp of Approval, and the Homeschooling Reader Award.

As the most popular paid language learning software, it is indeed safe to assume Rosetta Stone is the most popular homeschool option as well. The program is a great fit for homeschoolers because it is:

  • Designed to be used from home and allows students to work completely independently
  • Can be used by the entire family (no need to buy one copy per child)
  • Is a complete package
  • Extremely easy to use -- even for parents that don't have any foreign language training

Rosetta Stone informational video

Below is a helpful informational video, produced by Rosetta Stone, that explains the basic philosophy behind the program.

Rosetta Stone Spanish for Kids

Homeschools love Rosetta Stone for kids because it is incredibly interactive and engaging. The focus on pronunciation and conversation skills makes the program feel less like "school," and more like full immersion.

Pimsleur Spanish vs Rosetta Stone

Both programs have different strengths. Rosetta Stone excels in speaking activities and pronunciation. Pimsleur excels at helping students learn sentences quickly.

Buy Rosetta Stone Spanish

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How much is Rosetta stone Spanish? The price is always subject to change, but we pull our pricing information live at page load. View the lowest price.

After purchasing the program, you will receive an activation code and a download (or CD).

Rosetta Stone Spanish: Levels 1-5 Set

This is the best-selling package set, shipped from and sold by Amazon.com. Access for up to 5 family members with a download activation key included. Amazon also gives you access to the mobile app for 3-months. The app works on the Kindle Fire HD, iOS, and Android.
Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone Level 1-5 Set

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Mom Reviews

We easily transitioned from Muzzy to Rosetta Stone, and the kids are loving it!

Our library system offers Rosetta free! It's an awesome service, and maybe that is part of the reason why we love Rosetta Stone so much. Our children have learned a lot with the program.

I am planning to use Rosetta Stone due to its exceptional value and reviews. Currently, a full language course (Leven 1-5) is running for only $149!!! (their Valentine special). That's not one semester but years and years of language study for a mere $149. A course that can be used for the whole family for years and years until we master it. The other choices the gals mentioned are good options as well but I feel the Rosetta Stone at its current price is an incredible value. [source]

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rosetta Stone Spanish work? Is it worth it?

Rosetta Stone has been used by many successful homeschool families. Nevertheless, curriculum is always a personal choice.

Do colleges count Rosetta Stone as a year of foreign language?

For homeschool high schoolers, this can be a concern. Many parents who have looked into college requirements will notice that many schools require 2-3 years of foreign language. The next question is then: What constitutes a year of foreign language in the eyes of colleges?

Answer: Rosetta Stone is a perfectly acceptable option.

Can I get a free trial of Rosetta Stone, or a free demo?

There is no free demo available from Amazon.com.

Do I need to start with Rosetta Stone Spanish level 1?

Yes. The program should begin with level 1 and move sequentially forward up to level 5.

Is this Latin American Spanish?


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