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Steck-Vaughn Spelling

Steck-Vaughn Spelling Series
There are two versions of Steck-Vaughn Spelling, and it can be confusing. The first (Linking Words to Meaning) was published in 2,000 and the second (Core Skills Spelling) was published in 2013. Both are published by "Steck-Vaughn," both are 1st editions, and both are "spelling." The first edition is being discontinued, but copies are still available for purchase through several channels.

The Steck-Vaughn spelling series focuses on the phonetic elements of spelling. The original series has extremely bright and high-quality pictures. The curriculum is perfect for reluctant readers and writers and used in many homeschools. The series really helps reinforce basic spelling sounds. There is a review of spelling words for every group of lessons that ensures memorization.

Unlike Common Core spelling curriculum, Steck-Vaughn focuses on grasping essential concepts before "jumping in." The worksbooks are so self-explanatory that there is no need for a teacher's manual.

The curriculum teaches phonetically through weekly lessons. Although we classified this as "spelling curriculum," Steck-Vaughn Spelling incorporates a number of important skills like:

  • language connections
  • proofreading
  • spelling patterns
  • pronunciation
  • fill-in-the-blanks
  • using words in multiple/different formats

Buy Steck-Vaughn Spelling: Linking Words to Meaning

Listed below are the Steck Vaughn spelling workbooks from the first edition. These are usually still available online, but they have been officially discontinued. There are no teacher's editions as the workbooks are easy to understand.

Steck Saughn spelling level 1

Steck Vaughn spelling level 2

Steck Saughn spelling level 3

Steck Vaughn spelling level 4

Steck Saughn spelling level 5

Steck Vaughn spelling level 6

Buy Steck-Vaughn Core Skills Spelling

Steck-Vaughn also publishes Core Skills Spelling.

These workbooks are step-by-step and break everything down. People who like the Core Skills Spelling generally find other workbooks for spelling to be distracting.

Workbook Grade 1

Workbook Grade 2

Workbook Grade 3

Workbook Grade 4

Workbook Grade 5

Workbook Grade 6

Steck-Vaughn also produces a popular phonics curriculum. Like their spelling curriculum, there is a discontinued version that is very popular among homeschool families. A newer edition is available, although it is a substantially different book.

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