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Steck Vaughn Phonics

Core Skills Phonics
Core Skills Phonics - Core Skills Phonics started off as a colorful and vibrant worktext that made ample use of photographs. That series has been discontinued. However, if you're looking for basic and thorough phonics workbooks, Steck Vaughn Phonics may be for you. In the past, this proven series forms confident readers by making use of poetry, rhyme, thematic units, flash cards, and hands-on activities. Each level also includes a variety of B&W worksheets.

There was a clear and conscientious effort to integrated building language skills into phonics practice, spelling, reading, and writing. There are many activities included that may be explored within the freedom of a home education environment.

This is not the most accelerated phonics program on the market. However, there is nothing stopping you (it would definitely be possible) from sequentially moving through this program more rapidly than the curriculum prescribes.

Steck Vaughn Phonics review

Steck Vaughn Phonics has created an all-inclusive skills resource that provides focused practice so that students can apply, reinforce, and review skills in phonics, reading, and language arts.

One of the highlights about Steck Vaughn Phonics is how basic and broken down it is. The program offers step-by-step instructions and worksheets. So many other K-3rd grade workbooks seem to be designed to be distracting! Perfect for youngsters who are easily intrigued/distracted. Steck Vaughn includes an answer key for problems. You may also be interested in Steck Vaughn Spelling.

Buy Steck Vaughn Phonics

The original Steck Vaughn Phonics curriculum was discontinued. Many of these workbooks/products are still available for purchase online.

Level A of Steck-Vaughn Phonics (that is now discontinued) is still available from Amazon below.

For more of the first edition Steck-Vaughn Phonics books, click here.

Buy Core Skills Phonics

All of the Core Skills Phonics workbooks (K-4) are listed below from Amazon. The current curriculum that is available:

Steck-Vaughn Core Skills Phonics: Workbook Grade K

Workbook Grade K

Steck-Vaughn Core Skills Phonics: Workbook Grade 1

Workbook Grade 1

Steck-Vaughn Core Skills Phonics: Workbook Grade 2

Workbook Grade 2

Steck-Vaughn Core Skills Phonics: Workbook Grade 3

Workbook Grade 3

Steck-Vaughn Core Skills Phonics: Workbook Grade 4

Workbook Grade 4

This curriculum is often used in combination with 100 Easy Lessons and Explode the Code.

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