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Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks Math Curriculum
The Teaching Textbook series was intentionally designed for independent learners. The creators of this program give a student everything they need to work on their own.

Lessons are taught via CDs that provide audio presentations and step-by-step written explanations that show all the work. This alleviates the fear or apprehension that some parents have about teaching math when they are not comfortable with their own math skills.

The books include grade levels, 3rd through 7th, as well as, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus.

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Each Teaching Textbook uses text and CD-ROM instruction, approximately 120-160 hours of teacher presence. It is recommended that the student read the lesson in the textbook before watching the lesson. Of course if your learner does better with visual/audio learning, then the printed textbook which are soft-cover textbooks with plastic-spiral bindings, might not be read each time.

Lesson structure

Each lesson presents the concept to be learned, followed by practice problems. The student finishes the lesson with a set of problems. When the math problems require more room and time to solve, it is not feasible to do the work in the textbook so you'll need a separate notebook for this daily work. The student still plugs in the answers on the computer so the parent/student will get the automatic grade.

Teaching Textbooks grading structure

Math 3-7, along with version 2.0 of Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry all have automated grading. So your student can know immediately after finishing a problem and entering it into the computer, whether they got the right answer. They can then choose to see the solution and the step by step process of how to arrive at that solution.

The Pre-Calculus program still doesn't have the automated grading. For this program, the student goes through the regular process of listening to the lecture, working the programs, then grading them from an answer key. If more help is needed, the student needs to look at the solutions CD.

The CD's provide explanations for every single math problem so it could be likened to having your very own math tutor going through the lesson with you. But if the student is still stumped, Teaching Textbooks has a toll free number that your students can call for more help. It doesn't get much better than that.

Lessons, placement, and license

Depending on the math level, there are anywhere from 95-142 lessons per book. Typically, a student completes one per day, but of course, can be accommodated to whatever time frame needed. CD-ROMs include lectures, problems, quizzes, and complete solutions.

What if you are switching from another curriculum or just don't know exactly where you should start your student?
Teaching Textbooks provides placement tests for just this reason. FREE!

Teaching Textbooks placement test

Teaching Textbooks for multiple students

Have more than one child that will be using the same curriculum? No problem, Teaching Textbooks allows a family to install the CD-ROMs on multiple computers so more than one student can be working on the same course. You can also reinstall the course for subsequent children over the year. You'll need to contact Teaching Textbooks for new codes, but this makes for very cost effective math curriculum.

So, bottom line, Pros and Cons:

Pros of Teaching Textbooks math curriculum

The pros are Hands-Off approach for parents since little to no parent or teacher involvement needed. That doesn't mean a parent cannot follow along or help if they want----it's just not necessary.

Students seem to love the books because the step by step lessons are easy to follow and are engaging enough to keep their attention.

Parents Love the computerized grading system and tutor-like teaching and solutions process. Lessons are Easy to Understand: The lessons are presented in an easy to understand way, especially at the younger levels. The teacher speaks slowly and the graphics are interesting but not overwhelming.

You can use for more than one child. And if you only have one child, you can sell the textbook and essentially get partially reimbursed for the course. If a CD is broken or lost, Teaching Textbooks will sell individual replacements too. The toll free service is an added benefit. Even if you never need it, it's nice to know you've got a backup.

Cons of Teaching Textbooks math curriculum

Depending on your budget for books, Teaching Textbooks, can be expensive, costing between $119-184 for the complete set or $99-154 for CDs only. But remember they can be used for multiple children or resold.

Also, some parents have found that their students weren't quite as prepared for the ACT/SAT tests but once again, this varies child to child, ability to ability. Teaching Textbooks puts great emphasis on preparing students for Geometry problems found on these tests.

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