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WorldView Software

WorldView Software
Although WorldView may sound "religious," their software and curriculum has been adopted by both secular and religious schools. WorldView is a complete web-based Social Studies curriculum for grades 7-12. Their curriculum has been the core of PLATO Learning's social studies for many years. WorldView has been used in private, public, and homeschools around the U.S.

WorldView is one of a very limited few online curricula to be certified by the Texas state government as a legal alternative to state textbooks. This means you can trust WorldView with full confidence, knowing that the curriculum has all the versatility benefits of an online curriculum and is as thorough and extensively vetted as a "real" textbook.

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Unlike a traditional textbook, WorldView has created hundreds of top quality graphics and audio to add on top of the textbook content. The software offers interactive activities that vary based on grade level.

WorldView Software Review & Features

  • Full 1-year access of (self-paced learning)
  • Fulfills state and national standards
  • Online username and password
  • 10-day money-back guarantee
  • Chapter and/or theme-oriented delivery
  • Portfolio-building writing activities and projects
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Focuses on the key facts utilizing the Socratic Method
  • Resource materials that are keyword searchable
  • Searchable overviews, chronologies, glossaries, maps, graphs, artwork, images, & source documents
  • Complete testing solutions
  • Biographies of famous people
  • Document analysis activities
  • Tutorials
  • Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Is worldview software accredited?

Yes, WorldView social studies software is an accredited alternative curriculum in several states such as Texas.

Who is this curriculum designed for?

The WorldView software/curriculum is designed to work for all types of students: gifted, advanced, IEP, and ELL.

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