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North Dakota makes home education more difficult that most states.

North Dakota Homeschool Overview
And Homeschool Requirements in North Dakota

There are an estimated 3,714 home educated students in North Dakota

North Dakota requires homeschooling families to submit annual reports. There are state required subjects. North Dakota policy for homeschool assessment is as follows: Periodic assessment or evaluation. Allows for philosophical, moral or religious exemption if the parent meets certain educational qualifications.

Very few states have laws that prevent parents from homeschooling their children. North Dakota does not prohibit parents from homeschooling based on their legal or criminal history. Only two states, Pennsylvania and Arkansas, prohibit some parents based on their criminal history or by someone living in the home.

To homeschool in North Dakota, parents must satisfy a minimum level of education: High School Diploma. Allows for temporary monitoring if the parent does not have a high school diploma.

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Yes, there is.

North Dakota Homeschool Law

North Dakota State Standards and Common Core

The Common Core was fully implemented into North Dakota’s curriculum in July 2013, and new assessments will debut in the spring of 2015.

State Subject Requirements

The law states that “a parent supervising home education shall include instruction in those subjects required by law to be taught to public school students.” North Dakota law requires public elementary and middle schools to provide instruction in English language arts, including reading, composition, creative writing, English Grammar, and spelling; mathematics; social studies, including the United States Constitution, United States history, geography, government, and North Dakota studies; science, including agriculture; physical education; and health. See N.D. Cent. Code § 15.1-21-01. North Dakota law requires public high schools to make available four units of English language arts; 4 units of math; 4 units of science; 4 units of social studies; 2 units of fine arts; 2 units of the same foreign or native American language; 1 unit of advanced placement course or dual-credit course; 2 units of career and technical education; and 1/2 unit of North Dakota studies.

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