Ozobot - Educational Toy Robot

Ozobot is a little toy robot (STEM learning toy) that teaches children about coding/programming by bringing it to life. It doesn't get any cooler than that.

Without a doubt, Ozobot stands out as one of the most unique learning toys to hit the market. This small robot is capable of reading colored lines on paper and reacting to lines, symbols, and color changes.

Kids, teenagers, and adults can all create "playgrounds" for the Ozobot. Playgrounds are built with combinations of lines and rules that Ozobot will respond to and follow.

Ozobot Review

You can think of Ozobot as a little robot controlled by color. Or digital game-pieces with a brain. They are charged with USB ports and can be customized with different skins. The bot's bottom sensors detect colors.

Ozobot Smart Robot

You can create games, mazes, obstacle courses, paths, and so much more.

What is Ozobot and how do you use it?

With a white sheet of paper and some markers you can create your own playground. You need black, blue, red, and green markers, You draw lines on the paper. Ozobot recognizes these lines. Simply place Ozobot on the line, and the robot will follow it!

Once you have a strong line, you can add "codes" that Ozobot will recognize. Ozobot flashes colors base on the colors it follows.

BUT, Ozobot is not limited to paper and the "codes" are completely customizable!

Codes and Programming

OzoCodes allow Ozobots to be fully programmable. Different color signals control how fast or slow the bot goes. You can change directions. You can jump. U-Turns. You can create timers to pause and wait. The list goes on and on.

The robot becomes so much more than just a "robot that follows colors."

By no accident did Ozobot win multiple awards. Learn even more and watch an awesome informational video on Amazon.

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Draw OzoCode color codes on paper or a tablet and Bit uses optical sensors to respond-spinning, speeding up and more at your command. Explore OzoCode games and activities online or in the Ozobot app. Advance with the OzoBlockly editor, which introduces block-based programming. Bit is teacher-recommended and is used in coding and STEM curricula in 2,000 schools nationwide.


Image credit: Gify.

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