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Winston Grammar

Winston Grammar
"The Easy Way To Learn Grammar" -- the Winston Grammar program is designed for easy learning and maximum retention. Winston Grammar basic uses color coded clue cards to help children with memorization. Word Works makes writing more effective and fluent. Winston Grammar Advanced keeps going where the Winston Grammar basic leaves off. The advanced level is perfect for high school students who are interested in pursuing higher education. Winston Grammar Word Works is a grammar application program that identifies the 5 most basic grammar errors.

Winston Grammar program review

Winston Grammar is often used as an alternative to traditional sentence diagramming. Winston Grammar uses an incremental learning method that incorporates review into each lesson. This built-in review is possible because each new lesson intentionally builds on the information from the last lesson. Lessons normally focus on one new concept. This curriculum is often used in addition, or as an alternative, to Easy Grammar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Winston Grammar

How many levels are there?

There are only 2 levels - basic and advanced. The Winston Grammar Basic kit covers a lot. If your child (even as old as 7th or 8th grade) hasn't had formal grammar instruction I would start there. (There is a placement test for the Advanced level.)

Can I skip the Basic if I don't have "young students?"

Everyone should first complete the Basic set/kit. The advanced set does include review, but the curriculum assumes students know the methodology and contents of the Basic set.

Do I need a student book for each child?

Yes. The other option is to photo-copy all the pages. It is usually cheaper and easier to just buy a new student book for each kid. Some people might say the student can write out the answers/problems on their own paper. I think the downside of writing them out would be that it could be hard to keep neat enough to easily see their analysis work.

What ages // when should I start using it?

Ages 8-13 can start using the Winston Grammar Basic pack.

What are winston grammar cards?

Grammar cards are a very important aspect of the Winston Grammar curriculum. The program approaches word identification by using key questions and clue cards. Students do not use diagrams. Instead, they use color-coded cards. These cards match up with the sentence. Symbols and arrows are used to break apart and mark up the sentences.

Winston Grammar worksheets & student book

The Winston Grammar curriculum requires frequent use of worksheets.

The student book is essentially a collection of worksheets. You could have your students write the sentences on a separate piece of paper to do the analysis if you needed to save money. But it would be simpler to get a book for each student because the sentences are typed out with plenty of space to write all of the analysis notes without it getting too terribly crowded.

Winston Grammar sample

Before buying a curriculum, most people want to see the Winston Grammar sequence of topics.

Order Winston Grammar

Both Winston Grammar sets can be purchased online. There are only two set levels, but vendors usually sell the workbooks and student packets individually (which can lead to some confusion).

Basic Winston Grammar

Basic Winston Grammar Set

Advanced Winston Grammar

Advanced Winston Grammar Set

Winston Grammar homeschool reviews

My boys have had very good retention with Winston, so far. I'm very pleased with it. Simple, open-and-go, non-time consuming.

We used Winston Grammar Basic for my 5th grader. It was pretty effective in teaching the basics of grammar. Things he liked - the color coding system and that the amount of daily work was short.

I'm really liking the Basic for my 4th grader this year.

We started Winston Grammar today and I believe it's going to be great. My goal is to go through it and start Easy Grammar in the Fall.

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