Online Schools 101:

A complete guide to the virtual alternative to the classroom

Online schools are growing in popularity every year. Thousands of students in grades K-12 use online education as a way of getting ahead, staying ahead, and remaining flexible.

This page is your guide to everything you’ll need to know about online schooling.

Free Online High Schools: Important Info & Complete State Listings

This is why families pick online schools

Free Online High Schools Important Info & Complete State Listings You may be curious about online high schools because they allow students to enroll in virtual classes. Or, because they eliminate the restricting and inflexible schedules that accompany public schools. Or, because online programs give parents the option to be more involved in their child's Read More »

Oxford University Will Offer Free Online Courses In 2017

Just a quick public service announcement for anyone with high school kids. The highest ranking university in the world will be offering free online courses in 2017. Just like many other universities that are starting to offer free courses, Oxford will be using EdX. EdX is a nonprofit that offers a massive number of online Read More »