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About Bridget Bumpus-Morgan

A veteran elementary school teacher-turned homeschooling mom, Bridget also has experience as an event planner, campaign advisor, web researcher, and graphic designer. Nevertheless, her all-time favorite moniker is Mom. She can sometimes be found baking, attempting to garden, shopping at Publix, not-so-enthusiastically cleaning the house, squeezing-in some leisure reading, and occasionally attending a peaceful protest. Bridget puts her know-how and her passion for family, kindness, nature, equality, peace, diversity, and lifelong learning to use in fostering an eclectic homeschooling lifestyle for her little clan in the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains.

How to Respond When Your Family Doesn't Support Your Homeschooling

Posted in Homeschooling on October 18, 2017

How to Handle Family Members that don't support your homeschool

Choosing to homeschool your child is likely not a decision you made quickly or lightly. You discussed, researched, evaluated if your family dynamic could support the endeavor, sought feedback from homeschoolers, and discussed more. Homeschooling usually involves some changes to your former lifestyle—you may have cut your family’s budget, if you’ve become a one-income family, Read More »

The Unique Perspective of a Teacher-turned Homeschooler

Posted in Homeschooling, Teaching on October 12, 2017

Advantages of teachers that become homeschool moms

This may seem counter-intuitive, but, yes—there are those of us who used to teach in a school and now homeschool our own children. All our teacher training and classroom experiences make for an impressive teaching repertoire—and, at times, some educational baggage—which gives us teachers-turned-homeschoolers an interesting perspective on what it looks, feels, sounds like, and Read More »