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About Janet LoSole

Janet is a freelance writer living in Ontario, Canada. Before her career as a parent-educator, Janet taught French at the elementary level and has taught ESL internationally since 1994. World travel is the primary curriculum resource for her two homeschooled daughters.

She writes about homeschooling and traveling. Her work has appeared in Natural Child Magazine, Vagabondfamily.org, Learning Tangent, Tipping Points, and Immersion Travel Magazine.

Science Blitz at Nature Festivals

Posted in Homeschooling on September 29, 2017

Children at a nature festival

The loggerhead shrike, a “passerine” bird, widely distributed across southern Canada, the contiguous USA, and Mexico, impales its prey on a sharp thorn and proceeds to eviscerate it.  In the alvar, where we are strolling with our guide, we spot the remains of enormous grubs stabbed onto the trunk of a tree as if the Read More »

New to Homeschooling? These Memoirs Shed Light

Posted in Homeschooling on August 9, 2017

Memoirs written by homeschool families

What does homeschooling look like in an everyday family? Finding homeschooling curriculum and “how-to” titles is a simple matter of heading to the library. But what about the day-to-day? Few memoirs by homeschooling families exist (are we too busy to take on such a task?). Below are six titles, ranging from families who unschool, to Read More »