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Sarah is the creator of Dyslexia Games and is the Publisher of Thinking Tree Books.  She is a Creator-Detective who publishes learning materials for creative kids, explorers and detectives who struggle in school!  Friends & Followers love Thinking Tree Books too! Sarah is a mother of ten children,as a teen she was homeschooled, all her children also homeschool. The Brown family serves as volunteer missionaries in Ukraine.  Learn more at

Learning Languages: Detectives, Creators, Followers, Friends & Explorers

Posted in Homeschooling on October 17, 2016

You may not know how to discover your child's optimal learning environment.  You may not understand your child's learning style,  but figuring out how your child learns is easier than you think! Just watch him or her PLAY!  By watching your child plays with Legos you can discover a lot about your child's learning style and Read More »