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The Best Fidget Cube: Six Sides of Fidgetty Goodness

Two different fidget cubes in the palm of your hand

If you or your child are a pen chewer, or you simply need something to do with your hands to occupy your time, the fidget cube is the best option for quiet fidgeting out there. The fidget cube was designed with the need to fidget in mind. It is set up to accommodate all of the fidget needs, with each side settling the need for fidgeting, no matter what the outlet is.

Human society has created a negative connotation that surrounds the idea of fidgeting. They have deemed the need to fidget as odd and out of normal human behavior. However, the urge to fidget is not a bad thing, and neither is the act of fidgeting. The Fidget Cube makes fidgeting fun and discreet, no matter what your chosen form of fidgeting is.

How the Fidget Cube Works

The Fidget Cube was designed to fit discretely in your hand. You can move the device around in your hand easily to choose the exact movement your brain finds the most satisfying at the time. They are great for adults who are at work or children who are at school. They are also perfect for remaining focused during phone calls if you feel that you need to remain physically busy at all times.


For people who love clicking their pen, there is a side of the fidget cube that is designed specifically for you. There are three buttons that create the satisfying sensation of a pen clicking open and closed. This function is extremely satisfying and allows you to click discretely to your heart's content. Two of the buttons allow you to soothe your urge to click without making the click noise that distracts others from their current task.


If you enjoy the movement of a joystick, there is a side of the fidget cube for you. This cube has a small, round disk that pivots and moves similar to a joystick when it is fidgeted with. It is very satisfying, even for someone that doesn't like to fidget.


If you like the sensation of a flipping light switch, or you like to disconnect the cap of your pen from the pen itself with your index finger and thumb, this side of the fidget cube is for you. Flipping the switch back and forth slowly keeps it silent while flipping it faster will allow you to hear the click.


The breathe side works a lot like a worry stone. It has a small, thumb-sized indentation in it that allows you to gently rub your finger inside the groove. You can also rest your finger in the groove to help you relax.


The roll side has three small rotating gears on it. It also has a small, round ball that moves as you run your finger over the side of the fidget cube. The small metal ball rolls around inside the fidget cube, making a clicking noise intermittently as it moves.


The spin side of the fidget cube has a small, circular dial on it that spins as long as you want to roll your finger across it.

As you can see, the fidget cube has a lot of options to choose from and can keep any fidget-er occupied for hours. You can change your fidget focus for the given situation and change from a noise reinforced fidget to a silent fidget if the situation calls for it.

The Best Way to Fidget, Quietly

theFube Fidget Cube
theFube Fidget Cube

Quality matters. The market is flooded with low-quality spinners and cubes from overseas dropshippers. Because theFube maintains the highest quality standards, this fidget cube will last the longest and provide the most satisfaction. No doubt, this is the best fidget cube around.

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