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Amanda is a musician, a hippie, and a Jesus-lover. Her favorite thing is cuddling with her toddler son and teaching him all about his world, but you can also find her brewing kombucha or watering her plants. She is passionate about writing to empower homeschool parents, especially single homeschooling parents like herself.

Technology: Friend or Foe of the Homeschooler?

Posted in Homeschooling on October 4, 2018

Children and Technology

It goes without saying that we live in a “smart” age. However, I keep hearing that technology shortens our attention span, is bad for our health, and distracts us from the goings on of daily life. is an informational site that lists the ways that we need to be mindful when using technology. But, Read More »

Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Homeschool Routine

Posted in Homeschooling on September 5, 2018

Ways Incorporate Exercise into Homeschool Routine

These days, it seems that the public education system has placed fitness and outside time on the back burner. Many institutionalized schools now require very minimal (or no) recess or active time as part of their curriculum. Older generations will look back and remember that exercise activity was just a normal part of life; kids Read More »

Single Parents Can Homeschool, Too.

Posted in Homeschooling on September 1, 2018

Single Parents Can Homeschool, Too.

If you’re a single Mom or Dad with the intent to homeschool, chances are you’re feeling the pinch. It goes without saying that working to support both yourself and your children single-handedly can be overwhelming. You have a tight budget for cash, time, and energy. It’s a tricky position that requires an efficient system, planning, Read More »