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Baillie is a recent graduate from Florida State University. She loves getting the chance to combine her background in copywriting with her natural love of reading and writing. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, a certified bookworm, and absolutely loves to travel.

Financial Literacy for Kids: Here's What You Need to Know

Posted in Personal Finance on June 30, 2017

Financial literacy is an important skill that few schools are teaching

The days of balancing checkbooks have been replaced by paperless statements and text alerts when your credit card payment is due. Gone are the days when you had to meticulously record each transaction and manually keep track of how much money was coming in and leaving your accounts. We swipe, slide, insert, and tap our Read More »

4 Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness

Posted in Homeschooling on June 28, 2017

Blond girl journaling in order to become more mindful of herself

If you read our blog post on how to become more mindful in just five minutes, you may be looking for ways to expand your practice to include more techniques than just meditation. If you’ve stumbled upon the blog, or are just curious about the method, I’ve added a brief description to refresh your memory: Read More »

Mindfulness Introduction: 5 Minutes to Mindful

Posted in Lifestyle on June 24, 2017

Mindfulness peace and meditation

What is Mindfulness? The term ‘mindfulness’ has been popping up more often recently, but what does it really mean? Many people think that being mindful means ‘being in the moment’, and they’re not wrong. However, there is a bit more to it than just being in the moment. Mindfulness, defined, is a moment-to-moment awareness of Read More »

5 Reasons Why It Is Imperative to Read to Your Child Every Day

Posted in Parenting on June 11, 2017

Mother reading a children's book to her daughter

At the end of a long day, it could prove difficult to convince your child to get into bed, let alone dedicate the extra time it takes to read with them on a regular basis. Trust me, we’ve been there – the precious alone time parents get to themselves once their child is in bed Read More »