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Bethany is a mother to four kids, who lives on a small, suburban homestead, raising chickens and gardening. She uses a modified Charlotte Mason style of learning in her homeschool, where they enjoy plenty of living books and ample outside time.

Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Homeschooling? Relax and Use These 7 Tips

Posted in Homeschooling, Supporting the Parent on March 14, 2019

Anyone can feel overwhelmed at any time during their homeschool journey. You might be a brand new homeschooling parent and everything feels so difficult. You could be a seasoned homeschool veteran having a bad year because of health problems. No matter where you are in your journey, rest assured that someone else feels overwhelmed by Read More »

8 Read-Aloud Tips for Your Fidgeting Child

Posted in Charlotte Mason, Homeschooling on November 14, 2018

Reading Aloud in the Car

Do your kids have a hard time sitting still during the read-aloud time? You are in good company. Most of our kids have trouble sitting for five minutes, so sitting still for 20 minutes or longer seems like an impossibility. Let me tell you a secret - it's not impossible, and working on your child's Read More »

How We Use Tea Time in Our Homeschool

Posted in Charlotte Mason, Home School Creative Commons Resources, Homeschooling on November 13, 2018
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The name tea time might either create lovely pictures in your mind or shrouds of fear and dread. When I initially learned about the concept of tea time, I had no intentions to incorporate the practice into our homeschool. However, as I began along my Charlotte Mason walk, the concept of morning time was brought Read More »

Gameschooling: How Games Engage Our Kids

Posted in Homeschooling on September 15, 2018

When my husband and I made the decision to homeschool our children, we had one intention - to ensure our kids LOVED learning. School can be boring, and I didn’t want my kids to equate learning with boredom. I figured homeschooling would naturally be more entertaining because of the freedom, but work is work. Sometimes, Read More »