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Josephine is a professional writer working on a degree in early childhood education. She is an expert when it comes to children's books, early literacy, and parenting.

Early Literacy 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Raising an Early Reader

Posted in Teaching on May 31, 2017

A young child with high early literacy

Have you seen that viral video going around of the 19-month-old who can already read basic words and count to 50? I have, and honestly, it freaked me out a little bit. Watch it if you dare here. By no means should you feel intimidated by the video and try to force your child into Read More »

The Best Books for Early Literacy

Posted in Reading Lists and Book Lists on May 12, 2017

Encourage early literacy with these books

In recent years, there has been a major push for practicing early literacy with your children. According to the Children’s Book Council, using early literacy practices can have a multitude of positive effects on your child’s development. Some of these effects include a more advanced vocabulary, better emotional awareness, and ultimately a path to academic success. Read More »