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Sarah is the editor for Homeschool Base, a passionate writer, and teacher. When she isn't writing she is homeschooling her youngest son.

Caution! Homeschooling might have these effects on your children

Posted in Homeschooling on September 30, 2016

Be on the watch! If you homeschool your children it is highly likely that you will notice at least some of the following side effects. Your child might become obsessed with books Some homeschool parents report that one or more of their children always has a book in hand. In extreme cases, books can litter Read More »

12 year old homeschooler wrote this orchestral & solo violin piece for baby brother

Posted in Homeschooling on September 30, 2016
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The piece is called Fantasia in F minor "There He Was" and the sheet music is publicly available here on Google Drive. Truly phenomenal!

11 Learning Tips and Study Strategies for Visual Learners

Posted in Teaching on September 28, 2016
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There are all sorts of different learning styles out there. But today I am going to list some study strategies for one of the most common styles -- visual learners. We all know you guys do best when you see stimulating content! But moms, don't forget that visual learners can benefit from more than just staring Read More »

The Ultimate List of Homeschool Methods & Styles

Posted in Just Starting Out on September 27, 2016

One of the things I enjoy the most about homeschooling is the freedom that it gives the parent. There is a never-ending stream of books to read, educational methods to try, supplemental internet resources, informational podcasts -- the list goes on and on. This freedom can be both liberating and terrifying. Most homeschool parents first Read More »

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