Caution! Homeschooling might have these effects on your children

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Be on the watch! If you homeschool your children it is highly likely that you will notice at least some of the following side effects.

Your child might become obsessed with books

Some homeschool parents report that one or more of their children always has a book in hand. In extreme cases, books can litter the floors and the child can stay up late at night reading under their covers. To avoid broken bones, always teach your children that walking and reading can be dangerous!

Advice: Take away their flashlights so that it becomes more difficult for them to read at night.

Your child might turn into a talented artist

Homeschool parents that teach fine arts, or give their children time to paint and draw, may realize they have a budding artist on their hands.

Danger: They may continue to pursue what they love instead of vying for a high paying job in finance. If this infectious passion starts from a young age, every sheet of paper in the house is at risk of being colored!

Your student might start thinking independently

As a direct result of your independence in education, your children might be come independent thinkers! This means you should be prepared to engage in dialogue and conversation. If you aren't prepared for an intellectual argument, you might want to reconsider your home education decision.

Solution: Transferring your child into mainstream education is always an option. Studies show this can have dramatic effects on pancaking both motivation and independence of thought.

Your homeschool student might value learning over everything else

Maybe the biggest potential danger of homeschooling! Your child might decide they love education and learning. In extreme cases, they might value learning -- not so they can get into college and get a good job -- for the sake of learning! What circular logic! Loving something for the sake of it!

Advice: Never use Classical Curriculum and great books. And certainly do not teach them anything about philosophy.

They may become food critics


Most homeschool children are spoiled at home. They get delicious home cooked meals for every meal. This means that when homeschool children go out to eat, they sometimes turn out to be harsh food critics.

"Mom, this is not a real shrimp and grits"

Even more severe cases in homeschool children have resulted in health freaks. Sometimes children even learn to cook themselves!

Danger: If your child shows sings of becoming nutritionally conscious and has interest in cooking his or her own food, don't let them go shopping. This can wreak havoc with your credit card.

Your student might score above average

This is an effect that homeschooling has on almost all students. Somehow, homeschool students usually score above (or well above) the national averages. This can make them stand out and become easy targets for universities and colleges.

There are two worst case scenarios you should prepare for. 1) When your child reaches his or her junior and senior year, be prepared for a flood of junk mail from universities. This is not environmentally friendly. In fact, environmentally conscious homeschoolers may choose not to disclose SAT scores in order to stay eco-friendly. 2) Some of the best universities don't offer scholarships. This can be another huge toll on your pocketbook if your child decides to attend a prestigious university.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! 🙂

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