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Mom Society Presents: The Best Baby Bouncers for 2017

Insights from a Group of Moms

Wouldn't it be nice to skip all of the difficult research, review scouring, and decision making and just choose between a few products you know moms already trust and love? You've come to the right place!

2017 Best Baby Bouncer Picks
  1. BABYBJORN Bouncer
  2. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Seat
  3. Nuna Leaf Curv
  4. Tiny Love 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer
  5. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer Under the Sea
  6. Babymoov Swoon Up

Here's why you need a baby bouncer

If there were such a thing as a ‘Mom Peace Award,’ then baby bouncers should get it! Not kidding, this is one of the more useful baby products I ever purchased. Thanks to my little mom society, we get to exchange products, or opinions, and to test them among ourselves. That is why I’m happy to present you with the list of best baby bouncers for 2017!

Imagine a scene: you, so tired that your picture would be next to the very ‘exhausted’ in a dictionary, and your restless baby who keeps going on and on. The crib doesn’t work. The pacifier is only interesting for about 5 seconds. Your voice is now so hoarse from the lullabies that it is scaring the baby… And all you want is just a warm, soothing shower and a bit of a shut eye. (And not the kind that baby so freely gives with its uncoordinated moves and pro-shooter laser precision, aka the finger in the eye.)

But, there goes a doorbell and salvation is right at your front porch. Literally. You scramble towards the door, hurriedly, trying to maneuver through the sea of toys like a professional athlete, and then behold! You see a box that says: Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Seat

Soothing Motions Seat: My Favorite Baby Bouncer

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Seat
Soothing Motions Seat and Baby Bouncer

This baby bouncer is very high-tech. It has a gender-neutral design, but honestly, I don’t even care if it’s screaming with colors. If it just does what it’s supposed to - and that is to soothe a screaming baby. This brand has 3 types of motions:

  • Bounce
  • Sway
  • Bounce & sway

It can also vibrate and it helps my little one enter his daily hibernation. Also, there are 10 songs and nature sounds, and even though they irritate me, the baby loves them.

There are two levels of recline you can choose from. Of course, this gadget comes with a plug and play AC adapter. Well, you will plug so that your baby can play. The motions seat is suitable for use with newborns all the way up to three-month-old babies. Oh, and the pad is washable. Great for removing “accidents”, or clumsy mom-wielding spoon airplane crashes. (Yes, that happened.)

When I last checked, this bouncer will cost you a bit over one hundred dollars.

Best Bouncer for Preschoolers, Heavy & Older Children

Nuna Leaf Curv
Best Bouncer for Preschoolers, Heavy & Older Children

This baby bouncer has an award-winning design and from the moment you set your eyes on it, you will clearly see why. It’s very light and durable, and gives a sleek impression. Apart from amazing looks (and 7 color shades you can choose from), Nuna Leaf is a smart investment. Even older children can use it, since it supports up to 132 lb (60 kg)! It could even support me if I didn’t eat so many cheesecakes… This baby bouncer isn’t motorized, so it works only from manual pushing. Once you push it, the motion will last around 2 minutes.

If you aren’t willing to push anything yourself, they also sell a device that will keep your Nuna Leaf swaying continuously – in 6 speeds no less!

My qualms with Nuna

If I’m being honest, when it comes to Nuna I am a bit conflicted. It’s an amazing product but it costs quite a bit. And that’s not all! There are add-ons. For even more of your hard-earned cash, you can add things like an additional toy bar so that your baby can play with it, or a canopy with integrated insect nest.

The motion device, called the Wind, is pricey. But it can support preschoolers, and the design is great, so… I’d recommend it as a good investment for the future.

Bouncer with Bounce & Nap Modes

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer
Bouncer with Bounce & Nap Modes

This is one of my favorites, because my back loves it. The baby can be seated at an eye level, it can be used as a napper and it has the lowest mode, if you need it. Bounce and Nap modes can be used for babies up to 25 lbs., and high seating mode can be used for children up to 40lb, so outgrowing won’t be an issue for quite some time. This bouncer also comes with an arch with 2 toys (unlike Nuna’s for which you have to pay additionally). The child can enjoy in 25 minutes of continuous music and vibrations.

Also, the price is normally very reasonable! Tiny Love gets a lot of love from this mother!

Fancy Ocean Theme Baby Bouncer

Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer Under the Sea
Fancy Ocean Theme Baby Bouncer

This bouncer is on the list because it has a colorful, aquatic design, and I’m a sucker for it. It also comes with hanging toys on the side arches, so that the baby can have a safe playtime. I didn’t really use this one for napping, it’s just too stimulating, but this baby bouncer keeps my little one engaged. Long enough for that shower. The side arches can be moved to the side if you need it. Also, there are baby-activated lights and music, and it comes with a standalone crab. A very own, little Sebastian. Yes, you guessed it, I am a Little Mermaid fan.

But you know what you will be a fan of? This cheap baby bouncer's price!

Baby bouncer with adjustable height

Babymoov Swoon Up
Baby bouncer with adjustable height

Another great bouncer on this list that is great for tall people who simply don’t want to get on their knees just to pick up their child from the bouncer. This one comes with 2 levels of height, 21.5 inch and table height 29.5in, 360° rotation, and a removable toy bar. It also provides a natural rocking movement, so no batteries needed.

So, what does this bouncer offer that others don’t? Well, it’s compact, easily foldable and you can even buy a carry bag. It’s great for impromptu visits to grandma. Or not so impromptu as much as well planned, but shhh, don’t tell her that.

The price is neither extravagant nor cheap – it rests somewhere in between.

Buyer's Guide: Key questions to keep in mind

  • Is it powered by batteries, plug-in, or motion?
  • The bouncer should have safety straps. Almost all bouncers will have a 3-point harness. Extremely safe bouncers will use a 5-point harness. These ensure your baby doesn't slip out.
  • A solid, well-built frame will ensure your baby won't fall if he or she leans to the side. You can't just look at a product and know if it is well-built and study. But you can look for key features of a good frame. These are:
    • Low to the ground
    • Wide
    • Even weight distribution
    • Appears well balanced and sturdy
  • The sear should be comfortable. Look for good padding and a well-made fabric. The best seats will recline and convert.
  • Add-ons and bonus accessories. Some bouncers will include extra features like mobiles and sun canopies. It really is a bit excessive, but some modern baby bouncers include MP3 and smartphone integration.

Let’s Sum It Up

These baby bouncers and nappers made it to the best baby bouncers for the 2017 list, and each one for a good reason. Whether it’s the design, functions, ease of use or price, if you choose to go with one of these, you won’t be sorry. And neither will your child!

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