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Bassinet vs. Crib

Posted in Lifestyle on June 6, 2017

Should I buy a crib or a bassinet?

I’ve encountered many soon-to-be parents who are a little confused about whether to buy a bassinet or a crib for their baby. Your child is going to spend a significant part of the day, about 16 hours or more, sleeping or resting while lying down on its bed! You obviously want only the best for Read More »

Best Pregnancy Pillows: How to Pick a Maternity Pillow

Posted in Lifestyle, Reviews on May 20, 2017

A woman with a maternity body pillow

Pregnancy is a blessed state, but also one that brings many changes to mom’s body. The outcome is the most wonderful thing in the world, but the process of getting to hold your baby (while being worth it) sometimes isn’t comfortable. Enter pregnancy pillow – a majestic invention that helps mommies rest and alleviates their Read More »

The Best Fidget Spinners for Restless Hands

Posted in Reviews on May 8, 2017

A gold fidget spinner in motion

What the Heck is a Fidget Spinner? Fidget cubes and fidget spinners are all the rage. I first heard about spinners when my cousin started 3D printing them and selling them on Etsy. Then, I took a trip to Washington D.C., and every street salesman was pawning them! They’re a new obsession that reminds me Read More »

Do Babies Cry for No Reason?

Posted in Parenting on April 17, 2017

Baby crying for no reason

Babies cry all the time. Instinctively, we know this means something is "wrong." On the surface, we often can’t identify the exact reason why our baby is crying. And even if we’re positive we know why, sometimes our instincts can be wrong. Surely, my baby doesn’t really need to cry this much? Sometimes my baby Read More »

Trust Me, You Don’t Need a Baby Diaper Bag

Posted in Lifestyle on April 13, 2017

Diaper Bag on a dad

Today I want to expose a massive myth that is frequently bestowed upon new mothers – the elusive diaper bag that you absolutely must purchase for your newborn. There are lots of awesome looking diaper bags. Now, I do agree that most retailers have got this on point and have a beautiful selection of diaper Read More »