Trust Me, You Don’t Need a Baby Diaper Bag

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Diaper Bag on a dad

Today I want to expose a massive myth that is frequently bestowed upon new mothers – the elusive diaper bag that you absolutely must purchase for your newborn.

There are lots of awesome looking diaper bags.

Now, I do agree that most retailers have got this on point and have a beautiful selection of diaper bags on offer for you to buy.  They come in all colors and styles, so you can even go crazy and get one to match your buggy.

They come with compartments and pockets for bottles and spare diapers and clothes and little zippy bags for baby food. They come, in fact with everything you think you will need.

They also come with a pretty hefty price tag.

And the truth is, you really, really don’t need one!

Chances are, by now, you have purchased a few bags already, so just use one of those!!! A specialized baby bag is just another ruse to get us to spend money in a new mother panic. And I know this only too well and I fell right into this shopping trap whilst I was expecting my first child.

My baby bag experience

I had a list as long as my arm of stuff that I just HAD to buy or my newborn’s life would be ruined forever. And top of this list…was the baby bag. Had to get it, HAD to, or I would be singled out as a bad mother from day one.

So, when I left work to go on maternity leave I got a voucher for a baby shop and instead of picking up some essentials like bottles, or teats, or in fact diapers (!?) I got…the baby bag, yep, spent the whole gift money on it.

And did it make my life any easier…not a bit…in fact I barely used it because it was just easier to throw all the stuff into my own huge handbag and go, go, go.

Plus, as an aside, you will find as your baby gets older, or as you have more kids and relax into your “motherhood role,” your love of fashion will return. You will prefer leaving the house with a bag that matches your rather than one covered in little teddy bears or rabbits.

You heard it here first; baby bags are a waste of money, instead, buy yourself a beautiful new large tote before the arrival of your new favorite past time. That way, you get yourself a new accessory treat, you miss the baby bag trap, and you and your little one are the most stylish pair at the playground.

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