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What websites make your life easier as a homeschooler?

Posted in Homeschooling on October 2, 2017

Cast your vote today!

Can you believe that 2018 is only a few months away? Each year we ask homeschools to nominate and vote on the internet's best educational websites. This isn't just an easy way to honor and show your appreciation for a website that's made your life easier... it is the best way to share great resources Read More »

Social Media and Splintered Personalities

Posted in Homeschooling on October 2, 2017

More concerned with social media and photos than real life

Integrity is something I try to focus on with the youth and kids in my programs. I don’t merely zero in on truth-telling but on truth-being. In today’s world, they can be entirely different people on any platform from Snap Chat to Facebook to Instagram. I encourage them to be the same person -- to Read More »

Raising Independent Thinkers

Posted in Homeschooling on October 1, 2017

Boy wandering independently

I have watched my children grow up and become adults. It is truly a gift to witness them making wise choices that reflect their personal values. They are able to think about each decision that comes their way and choose for themselves what is good and right. As a family, we all need each other Read More »

Science Blitz at Nature Festivals

Posted in Homeschooling on September 29, 2017

Children at a nature festival

The loggerhead shrike, a “passerine” bird, widely distributed across southern Canada, the contiguous USA, and Mexico, impales its prey on a sharp thorn and proceeds to eviscerate it.  In the alvar, where we are strolling with our guide, we spot the remains of enormous grubs stabbed onto the trunk of a tree as if the Read More »

New iPhone/iPad App Teaches Vocabulary Using Latin and Greek Root Words

Posted in Language Arts, Teaching on September 27, 2017

In-app screenshot of Wordcraft

The most engaging way to increase your child’s vocabulary is to tap into the tremendous power of Latin and Greek root words. Learning just a few of these roots can lead to hundreds of new words. There are lots of books and workbooks on the subject, but now there is a fast-paced iPhone/iPad game called Wordcraft that Read More »

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