Cashier - Elementary Math Games

By playing cashier, you teach your child the value of money.

There are a lot of games you can play with your child to increase their math skills and work on math speed. However, if you want your child to learn a valuable life skill through their math games, this fun game will keep them interested. Before you know it, your child will be playing it with their friends during play time.

What Your Child Learns

Your Child will learn a number of important mathematical concepts, like computation skills, decimal placement, counting, addition, subtraction, and money management.

What You Will Need:

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How to Set Up the Game

Use a small table or kitchen counter to set up the items you can purchase. Set up the cash register according to the standards of a real cashier. Label each item with a price that is similar to what you would see in a grocery store using the yard sale stickers.

Take enough play money from the register to purchase the items you are considering. You should take both dollars and coins of random monetary values.

How to Play

Once you have everything set up, choose items from your child’s store. Once you have collected the items you want, go to the cash register. Have your child ring up the value based on the price of the items. Each time you do this, you will notice your child will get faster using the cash register.

Hand them an amount of money that requires them to count out bills and coins to provide you with change. Make sure they provide you the correct amount of change. If they cannot figure out how to provide the right change, help them through the process.

What Your Child is Learning

Even though this game is extremely fun for your child, and a great experience for spending time with your child, they are learning a lot. They are reinforcing their knowledge of decimal position, developing multiplication skills, and enhancing addition and subtraction skills.

They are also learning the value of money and how to give correct change.

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  1. Lindsay Andrews says:

    Hey Charlene, could you make some more math games for young kids? With manipulatives? I love what you've posted so far!

  2. Dipanshu Dutta says:

    This Game is really a great way to teach money skills through math games. Like this another math game Pet me which teaches division. Pet Me is a division board game for students of grade 2 and up. Kids loved this game because it makes them feel like owning the pet and caring them.

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