Connecting with Your Little One BEFORE They Arrive

Posted in Parenting on August 8, 2017 - by Julia Turowska

Every mom-to-be is curious about what her little one will look, what he or she will sound like and how they will act. Will they have their dad's dimples or their mom's excitable energy? What are they going through right now? Can they hear and feel you?

While you can't exactly call your baby up on the phone and ask them how they're doing, there is something that all women have within themselves that can help them connect to their little angel – motherly intuition.

Understanding Your Motherly Intuitions

An incredible bond exists between each mother and her child, which many believe starts even before conception. This connection is unlike any other in nature and allows for a very intense feeling of familiarity between the two.

Even if you don't consider yourself to be a particularly intuitive person, you need to trust in the fact that you, too, have this spark of maternal wisdom within. The key is to uncover it and let it guide you to a deeper, more meaningful connection with your child, even while they're still in your womb.

First of all, you need to identify what intuition is and when you're actually feeling it. Keep in mind that it's not the same as fear or reason. Intuition is a flash of insight that can come in the form of a hunch, an image, or a word that can appear or resound in your mind, for example.

To practice, try keeping track of your feelings throughout the day and pay attention to times when you're evidently feeling fear or anxiety, when you're falling back on reason or analysis to come to a decision, and when sudden solutions or answers simply pop up in your mind and you just know.

After a few days or weeks, you should be able to feel more confident telling the difference between fear, logic and intuition. Once you're ready, you can start trying to “connect” with your little one using this incredible tool. Below are a few exercises that are sure to help you forge a deep connection with your child even before they arrive.

1. Questions and Answers

This first exercise is meant to help you to figure out details about your little one. To start, try to center yourself and clear your mind through meditation or a simple breathing exercise for 10-15 minutes.

Next, have a partner ask you questions such as, “What is your baby's name?” “What does your baby look like?” “What does your child need right now?”

Try to answer immediately with the first response that pops up in your head – no thinking or analyzing allowed! You'll be surprised at how accurate your answers are in a few months time.

If you're struggling with the choice of a name, this exercise may help you see that deep inside, you already know the answer. You could also learn what your baby needs and wants from you most at the time. Perhaps you're having issues with your partner, and your little one will suggest that what they need most right now is for their parents to love and support one another.

2. Daily conversations

To make sure that your bond grows deeper and develops continually throughout your pregnancy, you can try “daily conversations” with your little one. These work best when you're lying in bed at night, waking up in the morning, or simply relaxing somewhere throughout the day.

The first step is to, of course, center yourself and quiet your mind. Try to imagine your little one and what they look like. By the second trimester, your baby is able to hear sounds and by about week 23, they can even recognize your voice.

You can start by talking to them in your mind, and then eventually chat out loud. You can mention how much love you feel for them already and how you're excited to meet them. You could even try playing some music or reading a book.

Another very good idea is to get daddy involved in this exercise. He could read a story or even sing a song to your belly.

Don't worry, your little one won't mind it if their parents have a less than perfect singing voice. Once they're born, your baby will find the sounds of these songs and voices familiar and comforting

3. Write a letter

Some people prefer to express their thoughts and emotions through writing. Crafting a letter to your little one is a great way to share all that you want to tell them before they arrive. In the process, you'll be surprised at how much you may discover about yourself and the feelings that you have for your child and for your future together.

It's a great way to calm your nerves if you have any fears related to becoming a parent and to focus more on the incredible bond that has already begun between you and your child, rather than on all of the possible challenges that could arise.​

4. Touch your belly

Most women seem to have a natural instinct to touch or massage their bellies during pregnancy. Their hands seem to be automatically drawn to this area from the very beginning.

Once you start to feel your baby move and eventually kick, you'll have an even greater opportunity to “communicate” with them through touch. When you feel your tummy flutter or stir about, you could try to delicately massage it and let your baby know you're there for him. Or, when you start feeling stronger kicks and elbows, try giving a light tap back and having a fun little exchange with your little one.

Remember to always be gentle and to give your belly plenty of loving caresses. Your child is sure to feel the positive, comforting energy from his mom. An excellent way to send even more love your baby's way is to have the dad rub and massage your belly as well. Your little one will also greatly benefit from creating a strong bond with his daddy from the very beginning.

About the author: Julia Turowska

Julia is an English teacher, writer, and graphic designer with a passion for health, psychology, animals and spiritual growth. She's is an expectant mom-to-be and excited to be on this incredible journey!

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