Give Your Child a Head Start In Math (5 Tips)

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As the mom of four boys and a homeschooling parent, I have developed different ways to keep my kids up to date with math. Whether we want to admit it or not, math is a tricky subject and kids frequently struggle with the topics that are involved. If your kid struggles in math, there are a lot of ways you can keep them interested, and keep them ahead of other children in their age range.

These five tips may seem basic to you, but to your kids, they could mean the difference between succeeding in math, and struggling.

1. Know Grade Requirements

By paying attention to changes made in grade level requirements for math, you will be able to provide your children with a much needed head start.

As long as you know what the grade requirements are, you can schedule their lessons to accommodate the changes. It will also tell you whether your child is on track, or needs to buckle down and study more.

Pay attention to the requirements set by the Department of Education in your state, and for the United States. Each state will have different standards, and they may not always agree with federal standards. You can find these requirements online through their websites.

2. Practice Math and Review Daily

By reviewing math facts that your child has already learned, you will keep the various operations memorable. Make flash cards of math facts and formulas that must be retained for them to be successful. It only takes half-an-hour to flip through the information that is needed for basic algebra. When it comes to your child's future, this time is well spent.

3. Introduce New Facts Daily

Just like it is important to review the math facts your child already knows, it is important to expand on their mental database. Add a challenging math fact each day and address it several times throughout the day. By the end of the day, your child will be able to recite it with the other math facts on their flash cards.

4. Make Math Fun

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By making math fun, you will keep your child interested in them material. A great way to keep them interested is to play math games, let them play math games on the computer, and make a big deal out of every accomplishment they  make. If you are proud of them for their accomplishments, they will be proud of themselves as well. A child who is proud of themselves in math will be more eager to learn the material.

Check out these fun ways to keep your kids engaged in math over the summer and these hands-on math activities.

5. Use Varied Teaching Methods

Figure holding his head because of a math overloadIf your child is completing their math lessons in the same way each day, it becomes dull and boring. Eventually, they will lose interest in the material, even if they previously excelled.

Math is a subject that requires practice, but when you practice the same way every day, you lose the will to practice. Look for different ways to present the information. Try using methods that focus on your child's pre-existing interests.

If you want your child to excel in math, you have to show interest as well. Take the time to research the different methods to present material. Keep concepts fresh and exciting by adding math board games and online math games. Give your child plenty of praise when they accomplish a new skill. After all, math is not an easy subject to learn, so if they are excelling in it, they could have a lot of great potential in their future.

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