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Are you looking for homeschooling options in Florida? Do you know about legal requirement for homeschooling in Florida? Always start by reviewing the local homeschool laws in Florida. Go straight to your local school boards and local homeschool groups. Laws change, and websites are often outdated. This way you will have the right information about homeschooling in Florida from the get-go.

As of now, the law states that every child between the ages of six and sixteen must attend a school. However, it is up to you to decide where your children will be enrolled. Your options are public school, parochial school, private school, a home education program, or a private tutor program.

There are three options for you to homeschool in Florida.

  1. You can enroll a non campus based private school, establish a home education program or establish a private tutoring program.
  2. Many people choose a public or private homeschooling in Florida, since private tutoring program will be very expensive.
  3. Homeschooling in Florida through a private school is oversight by a homeschooling family with freedom of materials and methods. It has an autonomy and no involvement with the school district.

There are many sites that offer free materials for homeschooling. The local public library is an incredible resource if you decide to go down the homeschooling route with your child. Some libraries offer programs for home educators. At the bare minimum, they offer free books and educational videos.

You may enroll your child in a private school and still homeschool in Florida as long as the private school offers a non-campus option.

You can join the "homeschooling club" and still receive a membership card to a private school. In some scenarios this is almost like getting a discount for homeschooling.

Every private school has its own personality and procedures that you must follow. Always do your own research. Make sure to consider the courses taught, the educational or religious philosophy, the curriculum, and record keeping.

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