13 Of My Favorite Homeschool Bloggers (That You Might Not Know About)

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Some of my favorite homeschool blogs to read with a cup of coffee

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I follow a lot of homeschool blogs. I'm a blogger, so naturally, I keep up with my homeschooling community. The only issue is that in the past 5 years, the number of homeschooling bloggers has grown exponentially. There are so many out there, it's easy to find one, forget to bookmark/save it, and then not re-discover it for another few months.

So today I want to share some of my favorite homeschooling blogs. This is NOT going to be the same list of the 'top 10 most popular homeschooling blogs' you see everywhere else. If you want the answer to that, you can just Google it.

No, I'm going to be sharing a list of bloggers that you might not know about (yet). Hopefully, I'm going to expose you to some new blogs that deserve your attention even though they may not be ranking #1 on Google for the search "homeschool blog."

(Please don't misinterpret me and think I'm saying these blogs aren't popular, because they definitely are popular. I'm just hoping that I can help new homeschoolers discover them sooner rather than later.)

These are all blogs that I've bookmarked or subscribed to because I genuinely enjoy what they have to say. I'm not going to do them all justice, but I'm going to attempt to describe a little bit about what I like most about each of them.

The Homeschool Realm

I think what I love the most about this blog is the authentic voice. For instance, her most recent post is titled, I reject your reality and substitute my own.

Tina is bold when she writes and she doesn't mask her thoughts and opinions with 'politically correct' fluff. She may be secular, but she is not anti-religious which I absolutely respect. She is also a strong supporter of experience-based learning. I highly encourage that you read her "Why I Beleive in Homeschooling" page, here.

Follow her, she may not submit a new blog post every day, but when she does they are worth reading. The Homeschool Realm has blog posts dating back to 2010! Plenty of content to read at  http://homeschoolrealm.com.

The Homeschool Den

The Homeschool Den originally started out as a Blogspot and has since transitioned into its own domain name. The Blogspot had over 3 million views! So, if a blog on this list doesn't come as a surprise, it might be this one.

Liesl is a wonderful writer who believes that education should be full of joy. Of course, I agree 100%. If you are an avid blog reader, I think you will be very satisfied with the number of posts Liesl is able to publish monthly. She has an amazing about us page on her new website and you can also view the old Blogspot here. Absolutely a 10/10 website for all homeschoolers.

P.S., I've heard their Facebook page is pretty hopp'in too.

Raising da Vinci

This is the newest blog on my list! It's only been around for about a year now. Raisingdv.com is an excellent place to go if you want to learn additional new and exciting ways to teach your young children. The website's goal is to share ideas and activities targeted for parents that truly want to engage their kids.

Not only do I love the content on Raising da Vinci, I love the design. It isn't filled with ads, it's clean, and it's aesthetically pleasing. Amanda does a GREAT job of making sure every image on the site fits with the design and is downright gorgeous. Every image looks professionally done!

Raising da Vinci isn't just a blog - they have a YouTube channel as well. A few days ago I watched one of their recent videos, 10 Easy No-Prep Science Experiments To Keep Kids Busy, and couldn't have been more impressed with the quality. Not only was it informative, I swear they have a professional team of videographers.

If Amanda and her family continue at this pace, I believe that Raising da Vinci is going to become one of THE most popular homeschooling blogs. Don't believe me? Go visit their website and decide for yourself.

Here We Are Together

I LOVE, love, love, LOVE their website design. Simple, striking, vibrant. Miri takes a lot of pictures and they are top quality. Maybe she is a professional photographer and I just haven't realized it yet.

This blog has actually been around since 2008, so the blog itself isn't 'new.' But you can expect lots of recent posts and new material. What type of materials? Their homeschooling method is Waldorf inspired. To spice things up a bit, they live on the south coast of England! Miri has published two books that you can see on her about page.

To The Lesson

To The Lesson is a Blogspot blog by Sarah, a "Montessori teacher." If you're looking to get a glimpse into the life of a homeschool using the Montessori method, this is an excellent option.

I really appreciate how many quality photos Sarah includes in almost all of the posts. You'll never leave wanting for imagery or literal insight into 'a day in the life.' You can also count on quite a few posts each month. The blog has been around since 2011.

This Adventure Life

As soon as you arrive on this WordPress blog you'll notice the header which has image progressions from 2010 - 2016. I LOVE IT. A picture speaks a thousand words, and you can literally see the blog's progression through time through the faces of the kids.

I think that authenticity is the biggest thread that runs through all of the blogs on this list. This Adventure Life is authentic, to say the least.

What can you expect to read about on this blog? You'll find resources, a plethora of subjects, insights into group lessons, and much more... almost always accompanied by some fun photos.

Forever, For Always... No Matter What

My favorite blogs are diverse. I love diversity because it gives me new perspectives. That's why I follow bloggers with homeschooling methods that are very different from my own. That's why I love to read Jennifer's perspective. Foreverforalwaysnomatterwhat.com is another perspective that I believe you need to hear.

Hopefully, she won't mind that I'm about to quote her about me column:

Catholic, Homeschooling Wife and Mom of six. Six children who joined our family from various locations around the world. Faith, Large Family Living and Learning, Adoption and Healthy Living, are just some of the topics I chat about the most.

Krazy Kuehner Days

I frequent this website for 'Mommy Kuehner's' wisdom on special needs homeschooling. Without a doubt, it is one of the top special needs homeschooling blogs. It's also fun to keep up with their travels :).

Krazy Kuehner Days also has some amazing curriculum reviews. I always appreciate honest reviews from real homeschoolers. Visit their blog and tell me what you think: http://www.krazykuehnerdays.com

Classroom Free

This blog moved from http://classroomfree.blogspot.com to http://classroomfree.org/blog. This blog has been around since 2003! Wrap your mind around that! That is over 12 years (from this post's date) of first-hand homeschooling knowledge!

I honestly don't know how anyone wouldn't fall in love with this site. There are no ads, it's clean, and it's informative. I truly believe this is one of those websites that is really trying to give back to the homeschool community. And talk about a lot of content... you could spend hours reading through all of the information Classroom Free has published.

The Classroom Free family lives in the U.K. and has six children. Here is an awesome fun fact I took from the about page:

We attempt to grow our own vegetables, raise chickens and ducks for eggs, have three goats, a dog, three cats, and a rabbit. Next on the list is a pony or two.

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

I frequent this website primarily for the crafts and printables. The site is SO original and absolutely lives up to its name, "enchanted." If you're searching for curriculum made by a homeschool mom, Jill has created numerous original curriculum that you might be interested in.

A little more about Jill:

I’m an engineer’s wife and homeschooling mom sharing printables, crafts, kids’ activities, recipes, tips, advice, and more!

Go see what's happening at http://enchantedhomeschoolingmom.org!

Small World {at home}

Another authentic Blogspot, http://smallworldathome.blogspot.com, that has been around for 10+ years! Sarah Small has one of the most in-depth about me pages of any blogger I've read.

So what is her blog?

A big storage box of memories, a record of our own SmallWorld, and a whole lot of musings. Every now and then I hope to leave you with some insights or some practical homeschooling helps.

One (fairly) recent post that I really appreciated was an American history personal history project she shared. It's a fantastic assignment and gives you a glimpse into their finished project. I love shares like this.

Four Little Penguins

I have a confession to make... I haven't been following this blog for 'years' like most of the others. But Laura has been blogging at 4 Little Penguins since 2007. If you follow this blog you'll glimpse a lot of their homeschool life and a bit of their family life as well.

One of my favorite things about the blog is the active PhotoBucket library that Laura maintains in conjunction with the blog. Go subscribe to her bloghttp://fourlittlepenguins.blogspot.com

Homeschool Story

This is the last blog I'm going to mention (mostly because I'm running out of time). This is one of the most active sites that I've listed. If I remember correctly, it's been around since around 2012. This is a classical education blog - without a doubt one of the best ones.

Jaime has some awesome resource/idea posts. For instance, since October is National Popcorn Month she wrote this nice article. Make sure to check out all of her "resources" posts.

I want you to let me know what you think about these blogs! But more importantly, let these awesome bloggers know what you think! Comment on their posts or send them a 'thank you' over social media!

If you are searching to find more homeschool blogs, Teacher Certification Degrees updates this post with top new blogs.

About Sarah Tippett

Sarah is the editor for Homeschool Base, a passionate writer, and teacher. When she isn't writing she is homeschooling her youngest son.

15 Responses to “13 Of My Favorite Homeschool Bloggers (That You Might Not Know About)”

  1. Anna Grace says:

    I already have too many blogs to keep up with :'( -- at least I already knew about two of these :), so that's only 11 more I've got to bookmark!

  2. Tay Schwartz says:

    These are great! Thanks for sharing 😀

  3. Sarah! Wow!!! I don't even know what to say.

    Reading your kind words made me tear up, literally. It was more than just the kind words, it was that you really 'got' what I'm trying to do over at raisingdv.com.

    Oh, and just so you know. No team of videographers, just me. 😉

    Thank you so much! I'm excited to start following a few more bloggers that are new to me! 🙂

  4. Liesl says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. They absolutely made my day! I feel honored to be listed along with these other amazing bloggers! 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Thanks for this list. Almost all of these are new to me. I'll check them out.

    Most of my favorite homeschool blogs have gone under, sadly. The blog world looks so different from the old days when I started with my kiddos almost two decades ago now. We didn't have many photos and we didn't monetize anything or look fancy, but I loved keeping up with them and their families and I loved how generous everybody was about sharing resources and creating lesson plans, unit studies, printables and games to help each other out. Hoping to find some new favorites to take the place of those old friends. 🙂

    • Sarah Tippett says:

      Your point is so true. I can't tell you how sick I am of being bombarded with ads and attempts to make me buy stuff. Some of these blogs are using some type of monetization, but it isn't anything incredibly annoying... like some other sites I could mention. In fact, that's one of the main reasons that I contribute to HSBase... a good clean site designed to help, share, and connect.

      Now that I think about it, if you're ever interested in guest posting, we would love to have you! And please update me on any new findings you have that our audience should know about 🙂

  6. Mary says:

    Thanks! This is a great list. I found it through Raising DaVinci's FB post. (I LOVE her blog - so glad she made this list!)

  7. Jane says:

    I am a homeschooler and I recently started a blog in which I describe "the life of a homeschooler". It would be great if you could check it out: http://www.finelifeofjk.wordpress.com

  8. Mandy says:

    Great info! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Ashley Wright says:

    Hi, Sarah thanks for all the list you have provided. Homeschool story is one which I read and I must say it was really outstanding. Other blogs which you have listed above is new to me. I would definitely go through them also. Thanks, Sarah once again!

  10. Sarah Tippett, thank you for sharing such a wonderful list. I have read Raising Da Vinci's blogs they are really awesome. Rest list is new to me but I will be reading the rest list also very soon.

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